The Midnight Toker

As ChiChi swaggers through the doorway into the Hanger bay, his eyes focus on the Kuat Systems Engineering Firespray-class Patrol Vessel that is painted completely black with some minor gold trim. Removing the smouldering cigar from his lips, he grins as he approaches it, remembering the instance he earned it.

It was while helping Slik out taking out those slavers, that we first saw this lovely lady. As with any lady, only the finest of gentlemen deserve to take care of them, and until such time as that gentlemen was found… this one was his. Placing the cigar back into his mouth, he decided to take a once over of the ship.

Yep, the extra armor plating was there, and just visible was the added tractor beam that any proper squib ship should have. It still had the twin-mounted blaster cannons, but removing them would be more trouble than it was worth. Ahh… there were the added manuevering engines that make dancing with this lady a pleasure.

Going up the hatch, and entering the main bay, he turns and shakes his head smiling. His thoughts immediately go out to the other lady of his life, his wife Jinxie, as he looks at the head of an AT-AT. Walking around it, he is able to actually go inside of the head through the neck, where the cockpit appears to still be in good shape. Thinking to himself he begins to wonder if he could get this thing rigged to blow the hell out of any invited guests… now that would be a surprise!

Leaving the head behind, he starts to look around the remaining area of the cargo hold. Most of those long legs would figure it as cramped… but there was plenty of room to get some good stuff in here. Heading to the cockpit, he clambers up the chair and lifts himself up to be able to view the hanger bay. That's the problem with these Firesprays, not a great external view when parked, but it's got a great view when in flight.. almost as good as some of the tractor beam turret's he's been in. Jumping back down, he notices the newer consoles by the shields and navigation. Smiling to himself, he thinks… yep this ship will have a good history and makes a fitting transport for Dono the bounty hunter.

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