The New Apprentice

Log Entry

Arkansas has started training Corbin. I am of mixed feelings. Corbin had asked to be trained and in some cases him might look up to Dave enough to temper his ways. But in some cases I wonder about ruining the boys life. I mean the force can be very painful. Knowing too much, not trusted, not welcome, hunted, expected to lay down your life…… and then hated for it.

Is this just another game for Corbin - or will the pain make him grow up? Can he handle the pain? Can he handle people expecting him to be more than he ever was….. or could be? Corbin excelled at finding ways to mess up mission. He wasn't really a rebel - he was a kid who liked to play rebel, and some how got through the screening process to make it to missions. But most of us knew having him could be a high liability. Fortunately most of his antics haven't managed to cost us a mission or the rebel life….. yet.

Corbin existed in a reality without consequences for his actions, he has traded that for a reality filled to the brim with consequences for his actions. Every one will remind him of those consequences all the time now. They will suspect hm of falling to the dark side, accuse him of it, and question every action he takes. Can he handle the pressure - will it be good for him? How will he balance it? Through Arkansas? It's the one of the few ways I manage, Arkansas keeps me stable, his cavalier confidence puts me some where between pretending and believing every thing is alright.

I can't share this, but Silo was worried about Corbin. Wanted me to keep eyes on him. Silo didn't think Corbin could handle it. I wonder if Corbin will think enough of Arkansas to actually follow his advice and not screw it up.


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