The Place We Never Left

"And heading our mission to Mindor Geologic survey ….. uhhh, General Castel, please step forward and assemble a team."

Taylor snapped her head. She hadn't been paying attention to the briefing, to busy in teasing Kastor on the down low. But rebel command had singled her out to head mission. The mission was to Mindor. Taylor stomach sank. Mindor. "Kastor you will be heading a mission….." Taylor didn't really hear the rest, but she knew Kastor would not be coming along to help out. Now it felt worse.

Mindor was a place Taylor never truly got away from. It haunted her, it ways a place she was burned, torn in half and buried. The last resting place of the skynock and the place where Arkansas and Her had to turn their backs on everything they believed. To leave they had to let turn their back on the helpless.

Taylor had witnessed the blood of the innocent run all over that planet. She was always under powered, out matched and too late to help. Would it be different this time?

The mission. Taylor reviewed it, Pose as a geologic company surveying Mindor - honestly could have a better cover story……. but, check on rebel out post, collect geologic samples. The mission was easy, but Mindor would be hard to return to for Taylor. Too much pain. Taylor had just been put in charge of overseeing Chimera's lessons in control, it would take all of Taylor's to even go to Mindor.

To Be conitnued…….

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