The Price Of My Love

Jynx wasn't sure when the last time she had been to Paradise had been, nor had she ever really planned to go back until recently. Things between her and her husband had gotten pretty tense over the past few months, and she felt she owed it to him to make it up in some way. But the only ways she had been able to come up with had been destructive ones, and she had been trying so hard to be a good girl.

She grinned as she stared out the view port at the floating nexus of refuge guarded by patrolling Ulgor battle wagons that was Paradise. ChiChi had fallen head over heels for her and her destructive ways, and he had told her never to change….to stay true to herself. So when it struck her to reek a little havoc in Paradise for her husband, she had been unable to think of anything else. And so here she was, getting clearance to enter Paradise.

She paid $200 tribute to the Holy collector, a bit more than was needed but she was 'devout'. She had her ship cleaned out, even though ChiChi hadn't been aboard it for a while…the Ulgors were very particular about not admitting anyone of Squibian relations to Paradise, but she had no trouble passing the inspection. So with her datapad updated with the configuration of the floatillas and the goods/ services each provided she set to work.

Over the course of several days Jynx, or rather, Pfeiffer McPhearson, took in all that Paradise had to offer….and left behind a few parting gifts while no one was watching.

At the end of her visit, she hailed her husband and asked him to meet her at a jump point just outside of Paradise, then she kicked back waiting on board her ship The Contradiction.

ChiChi showed up in the Firespray, armed and ready. She should have known better, of course he'd come weapons blazing, into enemy territory. Eeviee sent the com requesting that ChiChi board The Contradiction at Jynx's request, going so far as to send R2 over to the Firespray to take over piloting for the time being.

Once on board the patrol boat, ChiChi discovered the ship lights were dimmed, as if running on low power. Bright neon pink tape had been left about the ship from the airlock pointing out a path in the dim lighting of the ship for ChiChi to follow…and it became apparent rather swiftly to the young Squib that whatever peril his wife was in involved the spreading of rose petals on the floor and the loss of her clothes. They were littered about the corridors leading to Jynx's favorite gun well on her ship.

And there she sat, languorously in the gunner's chair, rubbing those silky smooth legs together. She wasn't fully undressed as the trail of garments had lead him to believe, she wore her short, soft, pink bath robe that ChiChi was so fond of and had a bottle of champagne in her hand. She smiled and patted her lap. "Hey babe….I planned a little surprise for you….saved you the best seat in the house" she said with a mischievous wink.

Jynx cuddled ChiChi in her lap, pouring him a glass of champagne as she kissed the end of his nose. It was no secret that beyond the viewport Paradise loomed, an obvious agitation to the little Squib's finer sensibilities. The Contradiction had begun to orbit around the perimeter of the refuge nexus, and as ChiChi's ears laid back in anger as his eyes locked onto the Ulgors' battle wagons, Jynx chuckled and pulled something out of her pocket.

"Relax and enjoy this…." she cooed. "We've been through so much the last few months….consider this an early anniversary gift from me to you" she said, opening her hand to reveal a detonator with a pink ribbon on it.

ChiChi's eyes flashed and he grinned a feral smile as he reached out to take the detonator, his eyes once again drawn to the floatillas beyond the viewport. His tiny little thumb raped the detonation trigger as he vehemently clicked it over and over again, an evil and gleeful look in his eyes. Jynx could feel his entire body tense and full of anticipation for the explosion to come.

But it didn't….not like he may have been expecting of his wife. No, she had grander schemes afoot for such an elaborate road to ruin. As her ship passed between two battle wagons a soft crescendo began to rise in the air over the com unit in her ship…and faintly in the backdrop of that played ChiChi's special song. As her ship passed by another battle wagon patrolling the perimeter of Paradise…..KABOOM! It exploded in time with the music, but it was no ordinary explosion. She had rigged a few special fire works to go off about every other ship in an arch along the outer ring of the floatillas. With the first explosions fire works erupted in a show of tiny little Squibs, a mockery to the Ulgors of Paradise.

Every other explosion that went off was tied into some dazzling display of Jynx's pyrotechnical capabiliites: from the eruption of Squibs to an Ulgor with it's head being blown off, to ChiChi's portrait smoking a cigar (complete with the smoke), to their anniversary date, and ending in a fantastic heart with a J & C in it….only for a missile to streak through it a moment later and explode into an arrow head at the end. All of this, timed to the music playing over the coms on her ship, recorded from both her ship, and recorders left in vantages deeper in Paradise that would broadcast out a recording to her ship during the event. Over 40 ships had been targeted and at the end of it Jynx kissed the end of ChiChi's nose, giving him a good scratch behind his ears that set his leg twitching.

"Over 100 charges, and a couple missiles….For once in my career I am fresh out of explosives" she beamed. "But it was worth it" she winked. "Happy early anniversary ChiChi, you betcha" she toasted the little Squib.

ChiChi was beyond himself at the gesture. It would probably incite a slew of issues between the Ulgors and the SMC….no, it was bound to do that. She had really out done herself this time, upping the stakes for ChiChi in the future for their anniversary.

With the surprise complete and the remaining defenses locking down Paradise, Jynx and ChiChi collected the Firespray and made the jump out of enemy territory. It wasn't until later on that they discovered the Ulgors, upon reviewing footage of the days prior to the bombardment, were able to identify Jynx as the cause, tracking her movements among the floatillas. So her cover ID was burned and her real profile was also burned. $250,000 Imperial credits for the capture of the Pillager of Paradise……Jynx merely grinned, hands on her hips as she looked down at ChiChi upon hearing the news. "So you can put a price on love… was totally worth it" she smiled.

He nodded, one ear twitching as he looked up at his wife. "Absolutely worth it…..though I wonder if the SMC will help quell your bounty…."

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