The Rescue Attempt Report By Abek Farlighter

Thunder Team After Action Report: Rescue of Flash Meltdown

The high-level mission plan was to infiltrate the prison under the guise of an ISB operative and his team, with the express purpose of retrieving a DIFFERENT prisoner altogether, who was to be subjected to all manner of distasteful interrogations in the name of the Emperor. Once inside, select members of the team would spoof security on the cell holding Flash, at which point we will enter, disguise him as the prisoner that the ISB team was supposedly there to retrieve, and waltz out under the very noses of the prison guards.

We procured a Z-10 Seeker with the transponder codes displaying the information of the ISB Fast Transport Vessel “Incarcerator”, with Claven acting as a Soro-Suub bonded Medic and Da’abu’da acting as a Soro-Suub bonded Pilot. With the proper authorization papers forged and sliced, we would enter the station under the guise of ISB agents. Abek Farlighter acting as the ISB:Interrogation branch officer (Commander Xylas Chaeron, recently appointed under the new sector Moff) and Fel Ben Iblis as his aide. A pair of ISB:Enforcement officers would accompany the Soro-Suub medic, the ISB agent and his Aide to act as a security detachment while procuring the prisoner. Proper uniforms and identification were procured for these individuals. The idea behind using the ISB:Interrogation branch is that, for the most part, the people taken away by Interrogation are never seen again. No one knows where they go, and no one wants to know (quoted from the Imperial Sourcebook).

We spent some time attempting to dig up information on the prison facility (via several sources – Ozaranski, a rebellion infochant found aboard the Discovery, and Futor the Sullustan on Omze Incredible Traveling Starport, commonly regarded as one of the best infochants in the business), and we managed to uncover the following information when asking the following questions - 1) The Location and Layout of the Prison, 2) The Complement of Imperials on the Prison, and 3) Names and pertinent locations of other prisoners incarcerated in the prison:

Not only was Flash Meltdown incarcerated aboard the station, but three other members of the Crucible Sector rebellion were also imprisoned there: Lume Sunway, Radis Wulywick and Myrrad. It was determined that these rebels would also need to be rescued as part of the mission.

The prison is a converted Golan 1 battle station that has been retrofitted to act as a containment facility for non Force-using prisoners. The Facility itself is still a fully operational battle station, although many of the stations Turbolaser batteries have been replaced with a mix of Ion Cannons and Quad Laser Cannons for anti-starship point defense. The prison complex is maintained by a base commander from the Imperial Army.

The prison itself has five levels, as follows:

Deck 1: Docking bay (with facilities capable of servicing two light freighters), lounge, and reception/processing area

Deck 2: Prison Operations Personnel Barracks and Crew Quarters

Deck 3 and 4: Prison cell blocks, guard barracks and interrogation rooms. The cell blocks are divided up into groups of 20 cells, each with its own control center for security and monitoring.

Deck 5: Command and Operations center, Base Commander’s offices and a small TIE fighter bay with a complement of 8 TIE fighters

The Imperial Army complement stationed on the prison are as follows:

1 Base Commander

156 Base Operations Crewmembers

60 Gunners

2 Platoons of Prison Guards, with a total of 37 soldiers in each platoon

Each platoon consists of 1 Lieutenant, 4 Sergeants and 32 troopers

8 TIE fighter Pilots

The Prison also has a fair amount of space-borne support including the following:

8 TIE Fighters

1 or 2 System Patrol Craft

50 Type V space mines arranged in an equatorial pattern

The prison station orbits a planet, on which exists a support and re-supply base, we uncovered the following information:

16 Army Troopers

10 Logistics and support personnel

8 Binary Load Lifters

1 Planetary Defense Weapon Emplacement

1 Zuraco Cargo Hauler

Once we managed to bluff our way past the initial challenge to our presence in the system, we were allowed to dock at the station. We were told to proceed to the lounge located next to the docking bay and an officer would be along to escort us to the prison commander.

As we left the hangar and entered the hallway leading to the lounge, the security doors snapped shut on the group, several of the team members narrowly avoided getting squashed by leaping into the hallway. Claven and Da’abu’da were trapped in the hangar bay while the rest of the party was cut off in the hallway.

At this time the door to the lounge opened, revealing 8 heavily armed Ubiqtorate commandos, who were not mentioned in the prison personnel files. They immediately and without warning opened fire on the rescue party. These commandos were armed with a frightening combi-weapon comprised of a Light Repeating Blaster with an integral under slung Decksweeper stun weapon. In a last ditch attempt to bluff our way past these surprise additions to the prison’s roster, all but Fel Ben Iblis were stunned into unconsciousness.

As this was happening, Claven was frantically attempting to over-ride the security doors leading from the hangar bay to the hallway, with little success (in retrospect, it appears that there were Imperial Security Techs opposing his attempts to over-ride the security doors). Also, Da’abu’da realized that the ship had been caught in some sort of energy damping field, and the ship lost power.

Fel Ben Iblis, in a spectacular display of combat prowess managed to fight off the initial 8 commandos, calling heavily on the Force to do so. In retrospect following the mission, his aura and countenance seemed deeply troubled, as though in the act of rescuing the rescuers he may have had to make a dangerous sacrifice. Claven managed to bypass the security doors long enough to allow Fel and Claven time to drag the unconscious members of the rescue party back into the hangar bay, before the second squad of reinforcements arrived. A bit of investigation revealed the damping field generators which were subsequently destroyed, releasing the ship.

Claven and Da’abu’da managed to blast clear of the hangar bay, and by virtue of avoiding the plane of the equator where the imperials positioned their mines, effected an escape with all hands intact.

Unfortunately other than the hangar bay and the hallway beyond, we have no first hand intel on the prison complex. In the mission debriefing it was revealed that a Ubiqtorate commander and several squads of hand-picked commandos were attached to the prison with the specific intention of capturing any Thunder Team members and others that may have been with them. It was revealed that a year prior Claven had been implanted with a secret broadcast beacon, so they were alerted to our presence as soon as we entered the system. It also came to light in reviewing the files that there is a prisoner record for one Lans Garner aboard the prison complex.

Whether or not the Ubiqtorate commandos will remain on the station, or if they left to pursue the remaining Thunder Team members is unknown at this time. Due to the fact that the Ubiqtorate and ISB are competing agencies, a future covert insertion may have a greater chance of success if the team goes in under the guise of other Ubiqtorate agents. An assault on the planetary base that services the prison may also be a viable option, with an insertion team entering the prison under the guise of a re-supply team in the Zuraco cargo hauler. Further information searches into the prison complex may have a chance of discovery – Futor on Omze mentioned that he felt that there may have been Imperial Intelligence agents watching for information gathering attempts.


Abek Farlighter

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