The Spoon Doesn't Fall Far From The Grenade

Jynx sat back in the gunwell, leaning back in the chair and propping her feet on the weapon's mount. She had her eyes shut tight, one hand rubbing at the migraine in her skull, and the other hand on her flask. She just needed a little peace and quiet, excusing herself from everyone after an early meal to say she wasn't feeling well. After a quick kiss on his damp little nose, she left ChiChi to play a game of cards, or else to see to schooling the 'squiblings' in this or that.

"Why does trouble follow me everywhere?" She mumbled around a nip from her flask. Well, you are Jynx…she thought to herself.

This mission wasn't so bad, the one they were leaving from. At least they were able to have a couple laughs, though it had struck a chord in the beginning. The Hound family had called in a favor, and Jynx was good friends with one of the family members. She hadn't had any qualms at all about the mission, though it was made harder given family was attending. ChiChi had been off doing his thing while she had gone off with Taylor and Mel to do a little shopping, turning into the trio of Taylor Oakley, Calamity Jynx, and Ms. Squidlett O'Hara. On the way back, ChiChi had been arguing with a man and when violence against his person was mentioned, Jynx decided to step in.

Of course, by stepping in, she had done so rather forcefully to his nether regions, dropping him at once and dusting her hands while looking down at ChiChi, wondering what trouble he had gotten into.

She took another swig, taking a breath after. Her headache would not relent at all it seemed.

And at some point during all the hub ub of the mission, Snarf had told ChiChi that she had gotten her ear cut off on the last mission she had been on with her 'mom'. Of course ChiChi wasn't pleased with either Snarf or Jynx, and Jynx couldn't say she was happy with any of it either. On the one hand, they needed to get their contact to safety. On the other, she had left her daughter behind. And yet, there had been a crazy man with a lightsaber.

Jynx stopped rubbing her head and instead ran a finger down the line that marred the skin from shoulder to past her naval. It had been a mortal wound she somehow survived, not caused by a lightsaber but it might as well have been. She had no want to tangle with a lightsaber, but she shouldn't have left Snarf behind. She had attached the ear back to her daughter in the end, and even felt so guilty about it that she began to teach her how to use missiles.

"Why am I teaching her that!?!" she chidded herself. Snarf was turning out to be very much like Jynx when she first joined the rebellion, and found herself slipping back to from time to time. It worried her greatly, because as a superior officer she was in charge of Snarf and Sal, but outside of that she was also 'mom' as Snarf had pointed out. Yet she had a hard enough time with self discipline, to have to worry about the girls as well. She couldn't manage without ChiChi, or anyone else around. Proof yet again that ChiChi was right, it takes a community to raise a child.

She wasn't sure the rebellion was a good community, but the girls would have to manage with what they were handed.

It'll build character, she thought. Sal had one heck of a head on her shoulders….how she managed Snarf was beyond Jynx.

She smiled suddenly….if Snarf was following in Jynx's footsteps she was in for some hard lessons.

She shook her head, swung her feet off the weapon's mount as she took a final pull from her flask before putting it away. She changed her mind….maybe seeing the kids with ChiChi would cheer her up. Seeing his fur all in a fluff about anything Snarf said or did would certainly be an improvement.

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