The Task

Log Entry

I went to talk to Fred. He is on me again about the the new council. Now, when Corbin has outed ADR, Stinky, Chimera, Jezlyn and myself to Raddach? I can only hope that he will just worry about the bird he has in hand rather than focus on coming after us. But he has all the proof he needs that force users are still active, worse he has proof we are trying to join together.

At the news of all this Fred still thinks we should make a new council, and places that responsibility firmly in my lap. I told him I am no Jedi, but he thinks I am close. He also thinks I should conform to the Jedi lifeā€¦.. turn my back on love. I told him I can't, he corrected to I won't - agreed.

He looked at me sadly. He said the Jedi reforming would be the galaxies only hope, and he wanted me to do it. He said he doesn't wish the price we have to pay on anyone, but our lives demands that we do what must be done. I argued, but he wasn't swayed.

Alone in this galaxy I know I couldn't bare the burdens. I can't walk this life alone. Why do people seem to want to make me? What of the Empire, now that they know again? Will they come after me? After ADR? I still love him, even if I can't be with him.

Vandin is the only thing that makes this all feel bearable.


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