The Unexpected Present

Dear Diary,
Just trying to jot down a couple of lines while in transit to the next big mission.

I've had some time off recently to visit Squibie, and it's been wonderful. We've had a great time at the pad, until recently.
I just got out of the refresher and had slipped into a holster and little pink bathrobe, thinking about round #2 with Squibie when the door rang. It was LX, and I missed what he was saying until he mentioned that Squibie had a bounty on his head. I turned back into the room when the holster pinched my leg and I kinda screamed at Squibie about the bounty.

He was a little freaked out, since I was angry and not fully dressed. I had to give the pocket rocket to LX so I wouldn't be tempted to shoot at ChiChi.

It turns out he had no idea about the bounty either, and we went to see Xakon about it right away.

Some Squib by the name of Slythor had set the live capture bounty on my little man, and we went to investigate. It turns out that wives 1,2, and 3 decided that with Squibie gone for so long they'd take out a life insurance on him via Slythor. Unfortunatly for them Slythor didn't want to pay out the insurance and had only two days prior set the bounty to prove Squibie was alive.

After a lot of back and forth bickering it was decided that I would turn him in for the bounty, then pay the bounty off for his return…and my darling Squibie being superb as always noticed that the life insurance policy taken out had my forged signiture on it. There were a lot of squib negotiations between the two on how to settel things, and finally we were able to leave and get three annulments which I plan to display at the pad. We had to do a favor in return, but it wasn't as bad as I had thought it was going to be.

Well, I'm here and gotta get going before they drag me out…

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