The Way I Seen It

Mission Statement taken by one Reon Vo:

This was one of the wierdest assignments I've been on….well, aside from Dodson's planet but we don't talk about that.

Anyways, from what I recall we dropped off Fen at one end of the compound where we were sent to retrieve some things for rebel alliance. Anyways….like I was saying we dropped off Fen at one end where he procceded to pummle the hell outta anyone who got in his way while one of the pilots (forgive my short term memory…doctors say it's the grenades) kept ioning the ship across the way to make sure no one left.

I think we took out the com center before any of this…but like I said I don't recall much.

Well, the rest of us went inside and didn't really have to fight too much on our end…I recall there were a lot of techies. We finally stole…"AHEM" secured the items we needed. I blew a big hole in the wall because we were supposed to be taking out some big things like stoves and what not…the best part was went they decided to use a squib tractor beam to pull out the freezer….I don't recall that being on the list but we got one now.

So, basically that's all I remember.

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