There You Are I Have Been Looking For You

Taylor looked across the cargo hold of YT 1300. D Abu' Da had a gun to his head and the Gand bounty hunter stood behind him. D Abu' Da was tied to the chair his big eyes gazing on her. Taylor wanted to reach for her light saber, scare him but that would make every thing Flash said true, a weapon of terror.

Taylor pulled out the next weapon she could think of, "I want my sullustan back!" She spit the words with a fair amount of contempt at the bounty hunter. This could be easier, she could pull her blade and let him know who he was really dealing with but she wanted to do the right thing for as a long as possible. She could feel that a darkness was close. Vader's former student was in the room and something told her that Vader himself was not far away.

"Let negotiate." Taylor pulled a thermal detonator from her pack. She loved this weapon, it throws confetti after the countdown, but it gained all the same effect as the real thing. Every one in the hold looked as if she had gone mad, they hadn't seen this trick before. D Abu Da's eye grew larger than normal.

"I think your just crazy enough to do it." The Gand hunter confided.

Taylor and the hunter stared at each other, and time was not on her side. Taylor wanted one chance to get him away from D Abu Da, one chance to get the sullustan under her cover, she could protect him if she could just get to him.

Taylor threw the td. Chaos began. Taylor fixed her gaze and ran for her friend. But the hunter ran to meet her. He slashed his knife and be random luck his missed. Taylor thudded onto the chair with her full weight hoping to knock them both into the corner, but the chair held fast and now the sullustan looked bug eyed at her in pain.

"That did not work the way it was supposed to." Taylor heard the clanging of boots. She looked to find that the cargo door had been ripped off and she could hear the clang of imperial boots closing into the bay. She closed her eyes and sat silent hoping the stillness would make it stop some how.

"TAY..lor" His voice unmistakable. It was Vader. He had hunted her for years now. Many times he had likely thought she was dead only to find her still alive. Taylor froze still. She could not take him and she knew it.

Thud, "get out of here," a male voice.
The ship lurched into the air. The repulsor whined and the wind picked up quicky. Taylor slowly felt the ship tilting, the ground became evident through the massive missing door. Taylors fingers slid from the chair that held D Abu Da. Her strength could not hold her, her muscles shaking and failing on her. She locked eyes with the sulustan and her arms ripped from the chair as she fell toward the opening.

Taylor scrambled to catch the grating of the floor only to find her fingers pained by each attempt and then wrenched from the small holes. The chances slipped by and Taylor knew it as she got to the end. Qualen looked to want to dart to get her but another rebel started to fall. She gave him a warning look to not try and get her, she had a plan. Then she looked back at D Abu Da and fell out of the ship.

The ship tore away from her as a missile came from a nearby chicken walker. Taylor pushed herself away from the missile and turned her attention the approaching ground. She pulled the force close to her shaping it around her own body. She looked back at the ground as it came into view, her new enemy. She pushed against it trying to stop the hunger if gravity as it pulled her to it. The pull was too much and she slammed into the ground, re injuring her leg that had just healed.

Taylor gasped in silent pain and held the leg. Her mind flooded with pain, but there was little time to collect herself. Vader was close and still had to find a ship to escape on. Taylor thought of Radis ship. She could make the run. She pulled her saber to her hand for comfort and headed towards it……

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