Things To Consider

Well being back at base is a bit depressing. I miss Squibie a lot more than I thought I would after our heart to heart. I don't think I've ever been so down before.

I'm not sure how long this leave is going to last, and I am aching for an assignment to take my mind off of things. I want to call Squibie more just to check in on him while we are away, but I don't want to impose and it's driving me nuts. Never that I can recall have I ever felt like this before, and in my heart I know that no matter how many 'fine young gentlemen' my parents lined up for me back at home or while in school I never loved any of them….including my 'instructor' back at the Raithal Academy.

I thought about giving Sara a ring to see if she still needed help moving things about, but seeing as she just moved into her ship I'll let her be to get adjusted. I feel bad I can't remeber if I gave her the trick candles for her cake or actual detonite sticks….hopefully not the later. I'm happy Squibums likes her….but I'll have to keep an eye on him. I don't think I'd mind having Sara as a sister, but not as a sister wife.

Maybe Choth will let me take The Floating Dustbunny out on my own since he has his preffered ship and crew, now that Talon's gone. I can't believe he's no longer around, and damn the Imperials that caused his demise. I feel sorry I never got to spend more time with my 'big brother' and will miss him dearly. I've got a bunch of money still sitting around since I don't really have much to spend it on, and I feel bad not knowing more about Talon. Next time I'm expecting a space show down I'll have to plan ahead and ready a few of the missles in honor of him.

With all these deaths springing up I am worried about my companions, but I try not to dwell on it too much. Maybe Choth Will let me take the ship so I can get away from here and find things to do with my time. I'd love to set up shop with a chemistry set somewhere and work on some things. Maybe I'll make a break through with something and have at least that to honor my name if something bad does happen to me. I don't know how Squibums will take me converting our bar over though, so maybe I'd better talk it over with him first. I'll have to work with R2 as well if I do get acess to the ship, since neither Squibie or me want anyone to know about our love nest. I can't pilot to save a fly <- that makes no sense. I need him to cooperate with me, but I don't want to wipe his memory or anything. After all you work with people to get a trusting relationship, and even though droids are metal beings shouldn't it work that way too?

Maybe I'll have better luck with 'My Little Angel'. I hope so, otherwise that'll be one hell of a mistake.

I don't think Squibie is going to keep the AT-AT head in his ship for long….though it would be sweet! I need to see if and where he's moved it to so that I can spruce it up a bit. I'm thinking about taking 'Steve' and putting him, glass case and all, in the AT-AT and using it as a sort of personal office space. Which reminds me we haven't christianed that yet, so we'll have to get there. Not to mention moving the E-web in somewhere there too, and I am sure that The Floating Dustbunny needs a good cleaning and some redecoration.

I'd also like to research a bit into AT-AT factories. I think I recall Daddy, or one of his friends, mention something about them in the Pallis Sector somewhere. I mean, it would make sense since they did drills out in the middle of nowheresville, but I never imagined AT-AT's being back at home. I'm also not sure if that would be a good idea, but I am confidant that things back home couldn't have changed too much, even if Daddy or Mom moved up in the food chain as they always strived to do. And I am more than confidant with the skills of my assocciates, so as long as I am careful in choosing who to accompany me out there I am sure there won't be a problem…except for Squibums.

Which reminds me, I was cleaning up a little bit and found a crate from home with Wally the Wampa, My Little Taun Taun, and a holo-album of me back at home and at the academy. I also found a locket with a former hook-up's immage that has been deleted. I'm replacing it with one of me that I can give to Squibie next time I see him. I also need to find a way to convert that holo-vid or at least the immage of me blowing up the AT-AT into a poster format for Uniqee's Bar. I should talk to her about considering a plaque of some sort for our fallen comrades.

But for now I guess all I can do is bide my time until the next mission gets called unless Sara hits me up, or I hear form Squibie.

-Ever lonely


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