Things I Wish I Knew When I Started

These are general Notes and useful things i wish i knew about when i first started Playing.. Think of it as a Newbie Guide.. Any one is welcome to add things to this page.

Steve H.

Cover And Its Advantages

Cover is a very useful thing to be aware of.. As a PC you will be shot at.. A lot.. Often by more than one thing.. Having a few extra dice in your dodge pool is never a bad thing.

Taking Your Time

Taking your time is something you can declare when doing "most" actions in game.. This gives a +1D bonus to any skill in which you can be methodical and extra careful with. This can generally not be done if your being shot at and someone is actively opposing you.. Such as computer hacking with someone counter hacking you or sneaking with someone trying to find you. Its up to the gm weather to allow you to take your time or not but it never hurts to ask..

Called Shots

Taking a called shot increases your damage dealt with any weapon by 1D.. However.. It also increases the Static Difficulty to hit by +5. If they rolled a 18 on their dodge.. It becomes a 23 etc.. This can still be very useful for punching through "hard" targets..


This is another very useful action which can be taken during combat.. To aim you sacrifice all declared actions for a specific round.. (to my knowledge this doesn't include dodges / melee parry's or other forced actions) On the following round you recieve a +1D bonus to hit with a weapon. (Generally Ranged).

Newbie Restart

Up until the beginning of your 4th module played you can re-roll your character.. From scratch. Changing any thing you want about the character. (This doesn't include death and retirement packages)

Standard Multiple Action Penalty

I wish i had known about "depleting someones dice pool". In general the concept is simple.. You force them to do a BUNCH of different reaction rolls to keep their over all dice pool small. This helps take out much stronger bad guys and is useful when fighting people with light-saber combat up and running.. As the Multiple action penalty also applies to their Control skill to damage bonus.

If your force them to do 4 diff reactions (dodge grenade, dodge blaster, parry melee and parry brawl) they suffer at LEAST a -3D to their dice pool.


It would have been nice to know exactly what Very Easy, Easy, Moderate, Difficult, Very Difficult and Heroic meant when i first started.


Types of Classes for Spaceports (where you dock your ships when going to planets etc)

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