Thoughts during and after Memorial Service and Funeral for m-rath

Chimara regretted wearing it the closer she got to the hangar bay on board the Vigilant. She wasn't sure what possessed her to put on her master's old formal robes. The belt and lightsaber were the only things that were hers. The rest of the outfit was her masters, who had long since passed. She fingered her Padawans braid with her left hand as she walked. She had undone it when she had gone into hiding but felt today was the day to braid it again and display it once again.

She felt awkward and out of place dressed in her robes, but didn't care. She was among friends and family, and would pay her respects as she truly was. She felt as though a great weight had been lifted from her shoulders the moment she saw Stinky. She too dressed in robes and displayed her lightsaber.

After the Eulogy, Chimara’s mind began to race with the words of Fred Slick as well as her own thoughts. She found herself not paying attention to Lyta. Fred was right. There needs to be a council. Had a council existed much of her troubles may not have even existed. She would've received guidance earlier as opposed to after-the-fact.

She glanced around the room and wondered who would take up the banner. Her eyes fell upon Taylor. “Possibly” she thought. She remembered the conversations the two of them had regarding the force. “No she would've surely done it by now.” Chimara thought.

She glanced over to the stinky. For a moment Chimara felt hopeful, but then sighed. “Now she would've done already as well.” She thought.

She could think of four other names, but they were all businessmen. She chuckled at that though.
“Could I then do it?” She thought to herself. It would certainly be ironic. She would not be standing here if not for Fred. Her foolish heroics had almost gotten her spaced. He had risked his life to save hers. For a split second, she had thought that the two of them would perish. It was the will of the force that the two of them were here. She had yet to repay him.

She chuckled at the thought. This was a bit louder than she had expected, and was thankful that Lyta was done and everyone was starting to leave. “None of them would take me seriously. One wouldn't even bother to show up, the other two might if they had nothing better to do, another would show up just to be amused, and the remaining two possibly out of loyalty and friendship. Seven people, including herself. “I may have to lie to them to get them to even show up.

These six people were all older than her and far more experienced. They couldn't possibly take her seriously. They might not even work together. Their methods radically different, it would be more counterproductive than productive. Then again diversity could be a good thing, and now more than ever force users needed to band together and help each other rather than ridicule each other's philosophies.

She finally looked up and began to dry the tears from her face that began from the beginning of the eulogy. “For you Fred, for all of you. I must try.” She said quietly.

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