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These articles or rules if you will are followed on all vessels great or small operating in the Thunder Team Navy.

UNIVERSAL GOLDEN RULE: Trust the Comodore, no matter what. That means when the ships is battling wing after wing of TIE fighters and Nebulon B frigates and the Captain calls back to engineering and says “Mr. Quin, I want you to shunt raw plasma from reactor core into the ion drive nacelles. Don’t stop until things start melting, critical things!” you obey withal alacrity. It also means ignoring safety interlocks, removing warning labels, dangerously skirting stress loads and redlining things out of sheer suicidal ignorance of consequences.

a)In the case of the ships's Tech, it is perfectly acceptable to ignore safety interlocks, remove warning labels, dangerously skirt stress loads and redline things out of sheer suicidal ignorance of consequences, even when there is not an emergency. In fact, upgrading/modifying/jury rigging the ship without the consent or knowledge of the captain is one of the most rewarding jobs there is.

Any time we leave atmosphere, travel through a gravity well, enter/exit hyperspace, engage in risky or even mildly unsafe maneuvers, or engage in combat, you will wear your vac suit on the ship.

a)You may find that it is advisable to keep said vac suit within reach at all times, even in situations were there is no apparent risk of decompression. If there's one thing that's sure, its that appearances can be deceiving. The Captain could somehow manage an explosive decompression event in the middle of an oxygen tank refilling station.

Although the port and starboard escape pods APPEAR functional, please do not use them. They no longer function as escape pods and if it comes to the “Abandon Ship” order, please proceed to the nearest hull breach and exit the vessel. We suggest purchasing a personal beacon for such incidents.

a)Drifting through space without a spaceship is a common pastime among members of Thunder Team. It is recommended that "harsh environment survival - deep space" be taken as a skill at the earliest opportunity. It won't help, but at least it will give you one final dice roll.

You will be given your own small concealed cargo hold for any personal illicit spice, weapons, explosives, and entertainment devices. Please keep such items confined to that cargo space and don’t go poking around the ship for others.

a)This is due to personal safety reasons, see point #13 in the TT recruitment list, re: booby traps.

The Captain and Crew of the Plausible Deniability swear no allegiance to any governing body, making us immune to all laws. If you are required to swear the oath of the rebel alliance, cross your fingers. We are independent contractors who occasionally take jobs from the Rebel Alliance, we are NOT rebel scum.

a)While we're certainly not Imperial Sympathizers, if there's one thing that we've learned it's that there's no profit margin in working for the rebellion. Good bunch of chaps, mostly, but they're notoriously tight fisted. (This is not an attack on the Crucible sector in particular, the Rebels are the same in the Colorado sector as well.

If at any time you cause a hull breach, you are required to inform your fellow crewmates. This warning, however, does not have to be given to anyone else. In fact, most of the time we prefer you don’t warn anyone but us about such hull breaches.

a)A commlink call alerting the other Thunder Team operatives that you're currently drifting in space outside what used to be cargo bay 2 is considered sufficient warning of hull breach. As is frantic screaming and weeping in terror, although since these noises are fairly common among the group, they may need clarification.

If at any time you have any qualms about us selling or using dangerous alien technology to various Hutt arms dealers or using it on our own persons, keep those qualms to yourself.

a)Unless such qualms involve knowledge of better profit margins or devious ways to make off with illicit gear and cargo that doesn't strictly belong to us. Gleeful experimentation with questionable technology is heartily encouraged, whether it be on yourself or on other Thunder Team operatives, with or without their consent.

No duels on the ship, no scuffles with crew on the ship, no blaster fire or explosions on the ship. Any such incidents will be considered a boarding action and dealt with appropriately.

a)The exception is weapons set to stun. The standard stun bolt noise is immediately recognizable by all Thunder Team members as a leadership tool and reasonable method for concluding discussions, rather than an aggressive action. This has in the past caused problems when the pirates boarding the ship were firing stun bolts and the entire crew assumed it was all just a friendly discourse between opposing viewpoints back in engineering.

Every crewmember gets a cut, determined by the captain (who usually is reminded to be fair by Sliss’tak).

a)It is important to specify in your contract that "a cut" actually means "a share in the profits and plunder appropriated during an operation" rather than "a nick from the captain's vibroblade". Grod had to undertake some rapid contract re-negotiation following the initial cruise.

No droids are allowed on the ship, with the only exception being those owned by the crewmembers. Non-crew owned droids brought on the ship will be considered hostile boarders and dealt with appropriately. Droids will remain OFF until needed for specific functions. Armed droids or ones with bypasses on the Life Preservation programming will be considered abominations and destroyed. I don’t trust my toaster with a blaster, I’m certainly not going to trust something with enough sentience to go insane with a blaster. Any questionable or unfathomable action by a droid will result in its destruction. That includes back talking.

a)Exceptions are made for droids of comedic value only. Any droid with more character points than Darth Vader is to be considered hostile. If you're a droid owner, we certainly won't render it down to scrap, but be prepared to be viewed with suspicion as a lousy droid-fancier. As opposed to general, run-of-the-mill suspicion just by virtue of being a Thunder Team operative.

No Jedi. No lightsabers, no “funny feelings,” no strange premonitions, no skulking about so that they can jump in and
ruin the plot, no force issues what-so-ever! Jedi passengers will
either be showed the guest cabin, mislabeled Airlock B, or the new bunk with the carbonite freezer installed beneath. You will never, ever, let a Jedi or force user on the ship. Any attempt to bring such people on the ship will be considered an act by enemy boarders and dealt with appropriately.

a)Oddly enough, this article needs no caveat, although I'd personally write it in bold, underlined, with three asterisks and a bleeding dagger at the end to emphasize the point. As a general rule of thumb, Thunder Team does not get on well with Jedi. Meddlesome do-gooders at best, unstoppable juggernaughts of evil destruction at worst. And if there's one thing we can't stand, it's someone
who's better at destruction than we are!

With the exception of article #11, all previous articles may be disregarded when cinematically, thematically, or comedically appropriate. Part of the great fun of Thunder Team is blithely ignoring the draconian regulations set by the captain, just to watch him twitch.

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