Thunder Team Theme Song

The Thunder Team Theme Song
<Sung to the tune of "The Muppet Show">

It's time to light the det cord,
It's time to run in fright,
It's time to raid the spacelanes
with Thunder Team tonight!

It's time to put on vacc suits,
It's time to pick a fight,
It's time to dodge the stun bolts,
With Thunder Team tonight!

To make off with the Death Star,
Is what we'd like to do,
It really makes me frightened,
To introduce to you…

OUr special guest and all around great guy,
…Davin Toth!

It's time to Con the Captain,
It's time to show our might,
It's time to toady to Cormba,
On the inspirational,

…This is what we call the Thunder Team show!

<the crowd cheers wildly, and is subsequently stunned and pilfered from>

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