Time To Say Farewell

Time to say farewell

I am finished. Before I leave Tatooine, I have one last thing to do. What few possessions I brought with me are packed and my finished lightsaber is safely stowed in the sheath on the back of my bandolier. Tomorrow morning I will start my journey to return to the Rebel fleet. The walk from the cave I have spent the past 2 months in is not that far from the Jawa fortress. If I leave at 1st dawn, I can arrive at the Jawa fortress while most of the walk will remain in shadow.

As I arrive at the fortress, one of the Shaman’s assistants greets me and leads me to meet her. I was expected.

Entering her chambers, the wafting smells hit me with a sense memory from my past though again the smells were stronger than I recalled. As I touch the walls of the room, for a brief moment, time seemed to stop and I open myself up to the experience. This is where my journey started and many fond memories flooded back. This time I heard what I missed as a child, the frequent reference that I would need to move on from this place. And now I shall.

I felt a hand gently place itself on my shoulder and I in turn placed mine on it, and then tilted my head to the side to rest atop the hands. There I found the guiding light of my youth and before she could say what I knew she would, I said it first. “I know I must leave and may likely never return here. I don’t recall if I ever told you how much I appreciated all you did for me. Thank you.”

As their heads touched, the two women stood unmoving for some time; the Jedi Knight and the Jawa Shaman, connected by the common bond of the Force. No words were necessary; everything that needed to be said had been communicated through that touch.

With a gentle squeeze from my teacher, I knew it was time. Time for one last farewell.

Gathered in the next room were my eight siblings, five sisters and three brothers, all older than me. I still don’t know what they thought of my return, what they had been told when I originally was sent away or what they had heard after I ran away from the other clan. But now I knew I did need to say goodbye.

Again my lengthy absence from Tatooine becomes obvious as I struggle with my native language. Years of suppressing scent secretions now hinder my ability to communicate everything I want to say so I tried to keep it simple.

“I am sorry if my coming back here has disrupted your lives but something drew me to come back. And now I must leave and I doubt I will ever return. I am pleased to see that our mother’s bloodline continues. I wish all of you the best. Keep safe.” I know there is a traditional Jawa farewell saying but the years away have stripped it from my memory. But I am no longer really a Jawa so I will bid them farewell in the manner of what I am, a Jedi Knight. “May the Force be with you.”

As I turn to leave, a midwife accompanies a very pregnant young woman who calls out to her mother, “It’s time”. My middle sister hurries to her daughter; life continues. With that I slip away from the Jawa fortress, forever leaving this part of my life behind into the blazing suns of a new day.

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