To Gen Castell From Brig Gen Gad Wa Heega

Dear General Taylor Castell,

I received your message and had, in fact, seen the "job" posting. As I tried to come up with reasons to diswade you from going through with this endeavour, I always came back to the fact that I do, indeed, need more practice at evasion. For a while, Fen even had me enrolled in his remedial evasion class.

I have one request. Please keep my private quarters off limits as they are just that, private. This is not an exercise for the persons you hire to practice their "beaking and entering" skills. And I do have a few items that I do not want to fall into the wrong hands. If you need to know what these items are, ask me in person.

Lastly, I would prefer that there be no more references to my "special abilities". Some that have applied may know some things about me but I still prefer to not go advertising. You never know who will talk and who will overhear. Our kind are still wanted by the Empire and we don't know what the Expurgium want yet.


Brig. General Dee'laan Gad'wa-heega (Stinky)

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