To Jynxie From Sara 10 26 08

Hope you are feeling better. Don't worry about the scar too much, you're still beautiful. And for missions you should be able to get some makeup or something to be able to show whatever you need to without people seeing the scar unless you want them too.

That mine gave me callouses on both my hands and feet, and my shoulder's and back are really really sore. The hot tub on The Lord's Folly helps some, but its not as good as a good professional massage. And I dont know when I'll get the parts and time for Stinky to upgrade SP-69 to be able to give good massages.

I know I could really use being treated like a princess for a bit, and I'm sure you could too. We definately need to get a good spa treatment sometime. Manicures, pedicures, facials, wraps, massages, and everything.

And we still need to have the My Little Taun Taun marathon too.

To Sara 4rum Jynx 10 27 08

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