To Sara 4rum Jynx 10 27 08

I still feel like shit =[

The painkillers help a bit though. The medic on base wants me to stay at the barracks for a while, but after all that happened I'd prefer to stay on the ship instead, even if it is by myself. He checks in once in a while and the scar is closing up pretty good according to him, but it hurts like hell.

Squibie mentioned getting away to our private little lair for a while for some personal time. I am sure after the mess these bastards put us through they will give us a leave for a while….well, me at least since Squibbie isn't a 'rebel'. I hate being alone here, and it hurts whenever I move my arm around too much or take in a deep breath, but I know after a few weeks it'll be better. I'd love a massage, and after three months in those boots I really could use a pedicure. I am sure my feet smell like wet Bantha. It is nice to have clean shaven legs and arms though, and soap and shampoo and my guns and stuff.

I've been sleeping with Wally The Wampa and my riot gun tucked in tight. I actually didn't really mind the manual labor…I kinda cheated there anyways. Been studying up on a few things and it came in handy in the mines, which was how I was able to mine so much ore without really doing as much work as anyone else. I've been coughing up some of the muck in the air from there though.

As for the scar…

Well, I can't help but notice it and am paranoid everyone else will notice it too. I'm not sure how makeup will cover it up, but I know some surgery might help, or so the medic had mentioned. But I am not sure about it yet, one of the rebels across from my barrack on base said it made me a real warrior woman. I think Kas'Tor will be pleased by it, so I may leave it there. Maybe it'll make others think twice about messing with me.

I am afraid of what Squibie might think towards it. After all….

Sara's Reply

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