To Sara From Mathias

Dear Sara:

I would like to take this opportunity to that you for the kindness and concern you showed me with your visit the other day.

Without a wonderful friend like you to spend time with me and help bring perspective to the situation the time I spent studying would have been interminable. I especially appreciated the diversions that you provided allowing me to take momentary respite from the enormity of the task set out before me. You would not believe what a relief it was to be able to breathe and remember what it is like to live in the moment.

I would also like to extend my apologies for being so distracted during your visit. I promise to invite you over once this whole Corbin situation is resolved and at that time you will find me to be a more cordial host. We could even take that opportunity to discuss the improvements you have made to your yacht and how they are working out for you.


Reply to Mathias from Sara 08-21-09

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