Too Much Down Time Makes Jynx Something Something

Dear Diary,

It's been a while since I was able to update this datapad, but now that I am confined to the med bay onboard Discovery I guess I have all the time in the world.

Command's laid off of me for now, I guess the Doc told them that since I couldn't recall much of the last mission there was no use to debrief me yet. Besides, I wasn't the only one there. I can recall things just fine up until it happened, but I don't know anything after that.

The Adalians were listening, by some odd happensance, to the crock I was spewing. I guess some of the talk Taylor and Harold have used around me stuck, cause that was what hooked them. And then, I am not 100% but I think Chimera did something to aggravate them. Next thing I know is I hear a blaster shot, turn away from the truster I was looking at, and the look of anger on the Adali's face as he shoved a spike through my torso.

Tik'Tik says I shouldn't try to think on it too much, that in time it'll come back. I woke up in my room briefly with Stitch, my medical droid, attending me. I guess I was out all the way back to the fleet. I wasn't even sure of how much time I was out until Kendil let me know on a visit. I know that ChiChi is pissed after I assured him, repeatedly, that I was ok.

He wasn't happy about it at all and seems to blame Chimera. Then again, he scolded me for taking the washer off on that part of the mission. Maybe it is able to keep the danger away…..since I've had it and worn it nothing bad has happened. Strange. Anyways, I won't be taking that off again.

Anyways….it's been a downer being in the med bay. I am told I was in and out of the Bacta tank for a week. That my med droid was able to keep me stable and drugged out until we came back to the fleet. I had several spikes removed on mission, but no one had the skill to do anything for me. Making things wose was that I was put into a vac suit and carted about on the rest of the mission.

I've seen my own medical tab thanks to my ties to the facility, I think. Or perhaps because I was able to distract TikTik long enough with a spoon to sneak a peek. He got all confused when I showed it to him, then started laughing for some reason. I lost a lot of blood and am still hooked up getting a transfusion. Also have a broken arm, a sprained knee, fractured collar bone and will probably have some new scars to add to the collection from where I took the spikes.

Being stuck in this bay is driving me nuts. The food is horrible. I've read through my almanac on plants and stuff three times now….ugh! TikTik said he'd come by later and talk to me, I'm not sure what he wants to talk about, afterall it's not like we have anything in common besides medicine.

At least I've gotten a few visitors and it looks like I am up for leave to Barab when it's decided I can leave the bay. Thank goodness!


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