Trade Goods

These Trade Goods represent the basis for a system being designed and out outlined By Steven H. Feel free to use them as they are all made up but it should be stated that specific items have values assigned to them in modules which my differ from these values. PLEASE don't let people abuse this by buying an item at one price then turn around and make 200% profit. My system should have a max swing of about 50%. That is if the stars align and someone notices a good pattern / trade route with DAM good rolls on their barter.

My formula for most of these are as follows:

((Item Weight * <.75 to .5 depending on how much packaging i feel the item has>) * real world price) / 100

I've been finding the real world price from Google and rounding up or down to a whole number. Weight is estimated to the best of my ability and the / 100 is to keep the numbers reasonable. As D6 Starwars was designed at a time when things were cheaper. In short 1 credit = 100 US dollars now on "most" things.

Note: This system is not intended to be raw materials to build things with.. Most of what your buying is maintenance parts etc. A Smattering of every thing is the view I'm taking on the cargo. You "can" use these as base materials to assemble something but it will probably cost about 2X as much in raw materials… (Take base item price x2 and that's how much in "market value" you consume from the cargo) which is due to massive amounts of waste. If you have to open a pack with 5 and only need 1 and other similar examples.

In short please don't try to use this system to get around market prices of items.. This is supposed to be bulk commodities.

  • Food Stuffs
    • Meat ( 350 c / T )
    • Grain ( 15 c / T )
    • Sea Food ( 200 c / T )
    • Fungi ( 250 c / T )
    • Fruits or Vegetables ( 300 c / T )
  • Vehicle Parts ( 600 c / T )
  • Industrial Lubricants ( 100 c / T )
  • Sundries
    • Common ( 175 c / T )
    • Deluxe ( 250 c / T )
  • Miscellaneous Spare parts ( 400 c / T )
  • Sand
    • Yellow ( 2 c / T )
    • Red ( 2 c / T )
    • White ( 3 c / T )
    • Orange ( 3 c / T )
  • Soil
    • Grade A (Top end enriched Soils) ( 100 c / T )
    • Grade B ( Your average Dirt ) ( 50 c / T )
    • Grade C ( Poor quality "Fill Dirt" ) ( 10 c / T )
  • Furniture
    • Hand Crafted Furniture ( 5000 c / T )
    • Industrial Fine Craft Furniture ( 1000 c / T )
    • Mass Produced ( 270 c / T )
  • Starship Parts
    • Capital Scale (1200 c / T )
    • Transport Scale ( 800 c / T )
    • Fighter Scale ( 1000 c / T )
  • Droid Parts
    • New Droid Maintenance Parts ( 10,000 c / T )
    • Refurbished Droid Maintenance Parts ( 3,000 c / T )
  • Tech Parts
    • High End Tech ( 10,000 c / T )
    • Low End Tech ( 3,000 c / T )
  • Ore
    • Industrial Grade Processed ( 450 c / T )
    • Industrial Grade Unprocessed (275 c / T )
    • Slag or Riffraff.. <Junk Rock with trace minerals at best> (10 c / T)
  • Blaster Weapons Bulk Parts. ( 4,500 c / T ) <Illegal to move on most worlds with out a single 3,000 c permit>
  • Live Stock
    • Banthas ( 2,000 c / T ) 1 Bantha weights 2 T
  • Chemicals
    • Safe Industrial ( 1,000 c / T )
    • Toxic Industrial ( 2,000 c / T ) < To move this legally there is 18,000 c / t Permits >

NOTE: These Items are just a tentative list that will be expanded on.. ALSO it is important to note that module trade goods and this list are NOT interchangeable. If something is listed in two places with different prices you go by the price the player bought it at. This is designed to specifically prevent someone from buying food stuffs for 100 C / Ton and then selling it for 1000 C / Ton in a module or other similar situations..

So If someone is buying food stuffs in a module then they may buy "your" food stuffs.. but not at the price listed.. As the price listed may be a slightly different type of food stuffs.. (Don't try to break the system)

As far as creating A "Trade Contact" Here is the formula im using..

30% Base Buy % modifications.. (All the buys base modifier should add up to about 30%)
The "Generic Buy" when a npc buys it from a player should be somewhere between 50% and 75% market price. This depends on the RP aspect of the contact and situation.
Credits on hand should be about 5K +/- 2,000 give or take which would be up to the GM.
Profit from Purchases should be about 12K total.
The total value of goods should be about 40K +/- 20k Depending on contact as well..

This system can be flexible but the ideal goal is that a trader should hit about 5 contacts before he "credit caps".

This system doesn't support and in fact discourages 1 stop trading. Running trade goods should be an experience. Most traders made money but were not billionaires…

All these contacts represent "mom and pop" shops. It's generally a small group of individuals that will trade with the pc's. The Bigger corps and stores in my mind already have contacts set up and don't want to buy from a "street vendor" such as the pc.

A RL example would be Wallmart, Krogers, or K-mart. These big stores simply purchase from their distributors at set prices. While a corner grocery store owned by a family may buy fresh vegetables from a farmer nearby.

The system will not support the deferment of payments. They deal with what they have on had at the time the trade is going on.

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