Trouble In Paradise

Tired from the last few months' worth of missions, Jynx slumped down on the couch. ChiChi was bustling about with a drink in one hand, and a holo in the other searching for just the right spot to put it. During one of their missions together they had their portrait taken specifically to place in their home together, so she smiled seeing him pacing around the room, his tail and ears twitching.
Suddenly he paused, his gaze on her exposed thigh peeking out from between the folds of her silk robe, a mischieveious twinkle setting in as he grined.

"I see the perfect place for it," Jynx said, leaning forward slightly, her eyes fixed on a spot just above the bar where the annulment papers had been framed on the wall.

After a slow moment ChiChi forces his gaze up to his wife's eyes then follow's them over towards the spot she has in mind. Tail twitching he saunters over (mommentarily disappearing behind the bar but for the tips of his ears), and climbs up on a stool so he can place the holo just below the papers.

"Babe, I couldn't have picked a better spot" he says, turning and giving her a wink. "You know," he continues "I have the perfect vantage point from here as to where something else belongs."

Puzzled, Jynx takes a glance around then frowns at her hubby. "I don't know what you'r talking about" she says.

Hopping off the stool ChiChi again saunters around the bar and heads towards Jynx, his eyes again fixed to her thigh. Without a second thought he hops up into her lap and snuggles against her as she laughs from his fur tickling her, and hugs him tight. "Now do you see?" He teases.

Scratching him behind the ear so his foot twitches, she smiles down at him and kisses his nose. Then her visage turns a bit more serious as she reclines against a pillow and looks at ChiChi, a smile still on her lips.

"I'm happy we've been able to work things out sinceā€¦" she pauses for a momment and shakes her head. "And surprisingly, we were actually able to help out another couple in need. And learn something at the same time. Maybe DD was right about the force not being such a bad thingā€¦sometimes I think it's what brought us together."

Not knowing quite what to say about that in particular ChiChi gives her a loving hug, rubing his cheek against hers. "You mean it wasn't my Squibian wiles that snared you?" He teases, earning himself another kiss from his wife.

Laughing from the fur tickling her nose, Jynx leans back and her robe slips a little lower, ChiChi's eyes widening a little in a playful manner until he sees her scar peeking through. Sensing what has happened, she pulls the fabric back in place and studies her hubby's face, but before either of them can speak a knock sounds on the door.

"I'll get it" Jynx sighs, getting up from the couch and in a hopes of lifting his spirits she slinks towards the door. Looking back over her shoulder she can see ChiChi's smile and turns her attention towards who ever is on the opposite side of the door. Her mind begins to race as she sees a polished silver face in the entrance.

Damnit! I left something out in the lab, didn't I?!!! her thoughts race.

"Babe, who is it?" Her hubby's voice inquires from a distance.

"Mrs. Vo," LX's voice speaks from the doorway. "My Master wishes to speak with you and your husband in regards to Durga the Hutt."

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