Troubling Dreams

Silence reins the dead of space as a PB-950 patrol vessel steaks through hyperspace on it's way to Barab I.

Inside the ship all is quiet, and peacefull. A young woman sleeps in her bed, one arm draped over the coverlet, a life size plushy squib in her embrace. Suddenly her body tenses and she begins to move about restlessly while still asleep.

Her entire body tingles, slowly easing into numbness. She lies on a bare floor, her movements not seemingly her own as she moves. Pain, dull at first, slowly pulsing stronger at times. She reaches out to touch a barrier, moving her hand away as she gets a shock from the touch. Alone, all alone….what is that?

Noise. People's voices, familiar. They've been seperated….ChiChi? Where is ChiChi?

Over the comms a voice speaks. He wants something….Fen begins to argue with the voice, Jynx wonders where her husband is. She is wearing strange clothes, her wedding band is gone. What happened?

Darkness….the man's voice still talking, still wanting. The sound of tools, the sound of Fen moving around his cell fighting. They want information….he'll look for the weakest….her heart races as she thinks of her hubby. Suddenly aware of pain. Searing pain that feels as if her blood were boiling just beneath the surface of her skin. She writhes, screaming out in pain.

The girl tosses and turns in her bed. From the floor in her room a black dog wakes, looking around inquisitivly, ears up, hair at the back of his neck raised.

Hopelessness….despair…..she is a Major. She has troops to protect, to shelter. She has to be strong. Fen….where is he? He needs to be strong… much pain, she needs his help. Her heart races as a new wave of pain washes over her. Information, he wants information. They have her already, her information, they know. She could confirm it, twist it to her benifit….give up one family to save the next? But for what? Will they make it?

ChiChi, so small, so frail. She needs to be strong for him….they'll hurt him too. Swamped by so many secrets, she lets them fill her, chokes on them, uses them to stiffle the pain. Holds her breath, it's hard to breath, whole body tense, every muscle screaming, blood boiling, stomach clenching. Blood, the taste of it in her mouth, the pain on her lip as she bites down.

A light flashes, someone is screaming. She realizes it is her. Something swipes at her and misses. Her entire body is wracked with pain as she moves. She screams wordlessley, the sound deafening her. She thinks about the thing in her…she can't see it….darkness all around closing in. The light, she knows…in the back of her mind….she knows what the tool is for, has used one…the opportunity to end the pain….but ChiChi…he needs her….

Dash hops up onto the bed whining, tail waging back and forth slowly. Jynx writhes in the bed, whimpers, calls out for ChiChi, squeezes the plushy squib tight to her chest as she weeps. Suddenly with a jolt she wakens from the nightmare, sitting up straight. Darkness still all around her, something soft nuzzles under her hand and she slowly lies back down.

Dash's fur under her hand clams her as she pets him. She focuses on her breathing, tells herself it is all over. She will see ChiChi soon….she is safe….her sanctuary….her gardens…with the thought of them both she drifts back to a more peaceful sleep.

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