Rebel Rank: 1st Lieutenant
Race: Human
Sex: F
Age: 31
Height: 5’5”
Weight: 110 lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Hangout: Uneeq's Bar
For bookings, contact: Talon (owner & pilot of the Singing Wookiee)
Holovids available: 10 credits each

Physical Description:
Diminutive physically, but engagingly charismatic, Uneeq is well-known throughout the Crucible Sector as a singer/songwriter. Her personal objective is to use music to spread the message of the Rebellion and prejudice people against the Empire. She often refers to another singer/songwriter of ancient times (Joe Hill) as her inspiration, who supposedly said "A pamphlet, no matter how good, is never read more than once, but a song is learned by heart and repeated over and over."

For years, Uneeq made her way on her own. Living mostly by her wits, she moved from world to world throughout the outer rim. She got jobs singing when she could, in spacer bars and even local hangouts, on worlds where human music was tolerated by the native beings. And when there were no singing gigs to be found, she got by in other, less savory ways.

Along the way, Uneeq managed to make quite a few contacts, among them, an eccentric human woman named Aldonza, who dressed like a religious fanatic in weird, old robes and waved her hands around a lot when she talked. But something about Aldonza touched Uneeq in a way no one else had managed to do in a long time. The two women struck up a friendship, often inexplicably finding themselves on the same backwater worlds at the same time. Uneeq thought the crazy stories Aldonza told about what had brought her to places like Mindor, Adalli and Aquisi Gamma were just that — crazy stories. Until Aldonza brought Uneeq to meet some of her companions—and Uneeq realized Aldonza was a member of the shadowy Rebel Alliance.

At first sensing nothing more than an opportunity for some steady work, Uneeq began hanging around the Rebel HQ, doing odd jobs and "entertaining" the troops as only she could. She was no fan of the Empire, but neither was she a strong Rebel sympathizer. She was, in fact, still on the fringes of the Crucible Sector rebel activity when she heard of the sudden death of her friend Aldonza, and several other rebels with whom she had begun tentative friendships. At first, no one at Crucible Sector HQ would tell Uneeq exactly what had happened, but once it became clear that she would not leave until she understood, the whole story came out.

Aldonza had been part of a team of rebels who had gone off on what was supposed to have been a simple mission to acquire gems that would help fund the Rebel cause. But whether by chance or by design, the group had been ambushed by an Imperial agent and an entire ship and her crew were lost. Uneeq pressed the rebel officer for more details. She simply couldn't believe that a force of several ships, with rebel operatives as experienced as her friends, including Marcus Pennik, Jenden, Shuri and Mord Olan, could be overtaken by a single Imperial agent. Finally, the officer admitted that it was no normal Imperial agent who had caused the demise of the entire team, but rather it was a Dark Jedi. As Uneeq tried to absorb that bit of news, the officer added to her amazement by telling her that within the Rebel forces there were actually several Force-users, including her friend Aldonza.

Before the "Gem-Diving Incident," as it came to be called, Uneeq had known for some time that there were people in the galaxy that were willing to lay down their lives to stop the oppression of the Empire. But she thought that was something other people did, not her. After her personal friends were lost in the fight, and after realizing that the special bond she had shared with Aldonza was possibly partly influenced by her own affinity for the Force as nurtured by Aldonza, Uneeq decided that she had to make this fight her own fight.

Inspired by her first Rebel friends, Uneeq wrote the "Ballad of Mord Orlan" and sang it at a memorial held in their honor a few cycles later. From that day forward, she dedicated herself to the Rebel cause and vowed to use her unique abilities to entertain and influence people through song to bring down the Empire forever.

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