New Beginnings

So, Xakon has started me working with his crew. I probable should complain, I am more comfortable on my own. Yet I cannot help but feel its only fair, I mean he did help me out with the little scrape I was in. He said he would start me out working with some runs for him, nothing too hard…nothing too … I don't mind though, I mean if he got me out of my previous situation, I am sure he could get me out if I get in too deep again.

He started me working with Taylor and ChiChi. I am pretty sure he let them know where I came from so they wouldn't question too much why I was here.

I find myself enjoying my time with Taylor, she's a good engineer…plus she's pretty cute. It didn't take long to find out she was pretty faithful to her beau. I guess its some consolation to at least hang around and learn from her.

Vandin Out.

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