Vandin Vronbeck

Character: Vandin Vronbeck
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Species: Wroonian Male
Homeworld: Hyperspace
Age: 25
Height: 1.68 m
Weight: 64 kg
Ship: Last Resort/Scarlet Harlot
Objective in Life:

A true wroonian is measured only by the wealth he/she has obtained.
To explore the galaxy, freely and without interference.
To acquire true friends, equal in all respects.


"I am Vanden, Vacillator of venal verse…the Vafrous vaagmer of victorious vices, or in short, the Unpretentious procurer and purveyor of promising prose, poetry, and balladry!"


"I have a plan…"
"It will work. What, why are you all looking at me like that?"
"So then I…what?…sorry we…"

Physical Description:

Blue skin, dark blue hair, golden eyes. Vandin is short for wroonian standards. Of note are a multitude of tattoos and piercings, however most these are all very carefully covered with clothing.

The first thing most people will notice are the large amounts of trinkets tied, sewn and otherwhise attached to Vandin's clothing. Vandin is generally found sporting a sky blue long coat horrible faded. At some point, there was obviously a symbol on the back, but repeated washing has caused it to fade almost to obscurity. Underneath the coat is what appears to be a tactical vest, however it is hard to tell. This is due to the fact that the entire vest is covered in Velcro and has various tools and gadgets strapped to it. Also of note, there are several holsters strapped to his body, including two hidden holsters in his sleeve. Oddly enough, there are generally no weapons in any of these, but rather spring-loaded ejectors for various tools.

Vandin has only 3 weapons he will generally carry, all as outlandish as him. 1 is a shotgun, clearly (and precariously) modified with several extra barrels (FYI, stand clear if he draws it, the weapon has a LARGE kickback). The second is a large hand pistol he rarely carries. The final is a seemingly ordinary holdout blaster oddly secured with several extra snaps and buttons.


Little is known about Vandin prior to joining the Rebellion. Most sources say he was a private trader before he saw the injustice of the galaxy for what it was and came to work with the Rebellion. If asked directly, Vandin will simply smile, take a drink, and say "I am a student of history, and here is where folks are making history."

If one really wants to look into his past, its readily available. Son of a merchant traders Deliah and Ranin, Vandin remembers very little of his parents. They were sent off to prison for smuggling when Vandin was only 3 years old. From there he was raised by his grandmother, a kindly old woman who had little monetary wealth, but always said her wealth was in the smiles around her and the joys everyday adventure can bring. Vandin loved his grandmother till the day she died. She left him with his fathers ship, Last Resort and her final words of inspiration - "Do not look to the future for adventure. If you keep your eye to the present, happiness has a way of finding you."

After a few years as a private trader, Vandin joined up with the rebellion. Few know of the full extent of his skills, but it is obvious he knows more than he lets on.


Vandin is a fun-loving individual whose primary goal in life is to see as much of the galaxy as possible while attaining as much wealth as he can (Note: not all wealth can be measured). His primary purpose in life is currently on the back burner, as how can one individual truly and freely explore the galaxy when there is so much hate and distrust. With so many individuals barred from the freedoms all gentlebeings should enjoy, someone needs to take a stand.

Like all wroonians, friends and family are very important to Vandin. Despite his somewhat cowardly nature, Vandin will step in front of a rampaging wookie should one of his family be in danger.

Character Inspirations:
Spike Spiegel
Eliot Spencer
Nathan Rahl
Hoban "Wash" Washburne


Vandin's Worldly Wisdom

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