Name: Baron Van Velen-Asgara
Rebel Rank: General
Other Titles Held: Baron of House Melantha in Tapani Sector, Dawn Star of Nellios, Blue Star of Adalli
Species: Human Male
Homeworld: Lupani in the Lupani System of the Melantha Province of the Tapani Sector
Age: early twenties
Height: 1.75 m (5' 9")
Weight: 65 kg (143 lbs)
Skin Tone: Perfectly Tanned
Hair: Straight Shoulder Length Raven Black
Eyes: Sapphire Blue

Alternate ID's:
* Fernando Buster Indego - Human Imperial Bounty Hunter from home planet of Vulvarch, sometimes goes by FBI
* Vriendin Neuker - Human Citizen of Nellios
* Rijk Verkrachting - Human Imperial Navy Commander - Captain of a Victory II Star Destroyer
* Dr. Geil Verloskunde - Human Doctor specializing in Cybernetics
* Captain Telk - Human Imperial Compnor Pilot
* Kut Hart - Human, smuggler from Correllia, has blonde hair and an eyepatch over the left eye

Physical Description: A beautiful young man with raven black shoulder length hair, sapphire blue eyes, perfectly tanned skin, and very toned muscles. Has a natural confidence and charm about him. Even when coverd in dirt and grease, he still looks good. When he speaks, his voice has a bit of an odd accent that makes it appear that Basic may not be his primary language.
Normally Wearing: A grey shipsuit while crewing a ship or a black Tapani style suit with red, gold, and silver trim and a cape with a silver lining if not crewing a ship. On his right hip is a gold plated blaster pistol and hanging from his left hip is a black lightfoil with gold & silver engraving.
Personality: Friendly and charming to almost everyone he meets, but most especially towards females. At every mission briefing, he always salutes every superior officer then gives a very graceful bow to each female in the room.


  • "There is beauty in every woman, you just need to know how to bring it out."
  • "Satisfaction guaranteed."
  • "Alright, here's the plan. You, you, and you, will go topless to distract the male opposition, while you, you, and you will take advantage of the distraction to take out the opposition quickly."
  • "While the view is quite nice from back here, you might try crawling a bit more confidently and sexily, more feline if you will. That will win more points with the audience."
  • "I only did what she asked me to do… Several times…"
  • "Isn't pillow-recon the best type of recon?"

Background Information: Born on Lupani to Sir Vincent Velen and Dame Francesca Feramount, wealthy minor nobles affiliated with House Melantha. Received private education from his parents and tutor droids. Dame Francesca Feramount died in an aircar accident on Tocco (planet in Tocco system close to Lupani system, still in the Melantha province) when Van was 10. Sir Vincent Velen died during a duel on Procopia (Tapani Sector Capital) during expansion week when Van was 15. Van had a few minor complaints filed against him by some concerned parents of girls his age during his teen years on Lupani, mostly of the nature of taking advantage of them, but no charges were ever pressed since the girls all insisted he did nothing wrong. Van moved to Procopia when he turned 18. There he earned a reputation among the youth party crowds and there were some reports of him falling in with the saber rake types. However, soon thereafter, he then started working with various shipping companies in the sector, but returned to Procopia between trips where he could often be found in the company of attractive women getting drunk or possibly in a duel. Records from Tapani Sector show he was taken captive by pirates during one of his stints on a trade vessel when he was 21. However, he has been seen around Procopia from time to time since then.


Married to:

  • Baroness Yinny Velen-Asgara of House Melantha (formerly Baroness Yinny Asgara) (Wedding Description)
  • Dame Jalena Velen-Asgara of Soma (formerly Dame Jalena Ottenby)
  • Dame Allesi Velen-Asgara of Soma (formerly Dame Allesi Ottenby)

Currently Engaged To:

  • ?


  • Baron Tasin Yull
  • Nia

Velen's Minions
*Tesla Barnabee
*Eddie Barnabee
*Kal Tinder
*Ugnet Thog

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