Velen-Asgara Estate On Procopia

Location: In a gated community in a city on planet Procopia in the Tapani Sector.
Property Value: 350k credit value at time of acquisition during Conception 2013 (wedding present), still making payments on remainder of balance.
Other Value: Fully furnished.
Other Details: Has it’s own front gate and a modest wall for privacy. Small grounds and a nice pool. House has 2 levels with dining room, sitting room, sun room, library, main bedroom with nice private bathroom, and 3 smaller guest bedrooms each with a small bathroom. Also has a basement that Yinny has set up as a playroom/dungeon. Note: Overall estate/property size is smaller than the estate on Soma.
Current Residents: Baroness Yinny Velen-Asgara (with visits from Baron Van Velen-Asgara).
Current Staff: Has a Butler (an older man), a Handmaid (an older lady), a Cook, a Cleaning Maid (an attractive young woman), a Gardener/Maintenance (an attractive young man), and a general Servant (an attractive young woman). Also usually has 2 guardian droids at all times plus 2 more if Yinny is on Procopia. Plus other security.

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