Velen-Asgara Estate On Soma

Location: Somia on planet Soma in the Soma system in the Unknown Regions bordering Wildspace
Property Value: 50k credit value equivalent when acquired during Wolfcon 2012.
Other Value: furnished with 10k value of furnishings
Other Details: Estate has a master bedroom and 5 other bedrooms upstairs. There is a balcony for the master bedroom that overlooks the back yard. Downstairs there is the entry foyer, kitchen, dining room, and ballroom. Stairs from the downstairs to the upstairs are in the entry foyer. The back yard has an inground swimming pool with patio around it. The back yard also has a privacy wall around it. The ballroom opens out onto the patio around the pool so all doors can be opened and make it kinda one very large space.
Current Residents: Dame Allesi Velen-Asgara and Dame Jalena Velen-Asgara (with visits from Baron Van Velen-Asgara and sometimes Baroness Yinny Velen-Asgara).
Current Staff: 1 maid, 1 cook, 1 groundskeeper

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