The Velen-Asgara Wedding

Location: The Alophoe Gardens on Procopia in the Tapani Sector

Wedding Ceremony:
Sir Van Velen
Baroness Yinny Asgara
Alandra Mipsy – reporter for Colonial News Nets
Avery Skullen – wealthy businessman
Baron Julen of House Mecetti
Baron Quinn Sheffield of House Reena
Baron Taben of House Melantha
Baron Tasin Yull of House Melantha
Baroness Heatherton of House Melantha
Baroness Sarena Zieger of House Barnaba
Carill Benton – CEO of DEMi
Dame Gialina Sertix of House Melantha
Dame Hilsa Ulene of House Melantha
Dame Trissa Brenzzer of House Melantha
Eddard – DEMi executive
Forat Gugere – Mining Guild Executive Director of Regional Sales for the Tapani Sector
Lord Alric Adannon of House Cadriaan
Lord Corell Muntique of House Calipsa
Lord Corp Algoquin of Thule
Mr. Tirenth – Mining Guild Executive
Ottul – DEMi executive
Sir Ajax Wennel of House Cadriaan
Sir Drafin Kengher of House Mecetti
Sir Herdan Sertix of House Melantha
Sir Jalal of House Melantha
Sir Kalsenden of House Melantha
Sir Tazur Pheron of House Mecetti
Trundle – DEMi executive
Baron Asgara of House Melantha – Yinny’s father
12 of the unnamed Saberrakes – assist as ushers and security (no Drafin or any troublemakers)
28 extended family of House Melantha
42 nobles and friends of the Asgara family
~100 other Hang-ons
20 Security team contingents – hired by Carill (as he did not want to get shot again)

Description: The wedding is like a vision out of a storybook. It is setup outdoor near the Festival Pavilion (The Pavilion is the largest structure in the Gardens after the Glass Palace. There is a large indoor theater here for plays and concerts. There is a small dining room and a second ballroom, both of which look out over Alaphoe Lake.) down by Alaphoe Lake. The weather is optimal and not too windy for your fiery entrances. When Yinny floats down with the Coruscant Cascader doing the flames, everyone is overly impressed and know that this wedding will be discussed for some time to come. You have Tasin, Carill, and Corp with you as groomsmen. Yinny has Hilsa as her maid of honor along with Trissa and Sarena as her bridesmaids.
The ceremony is perfect (you can detail your perfect wedding as you wish – everything goes off without a hitch).

At the beginning of the ceremony, Yinny floats down, seemingly out of the sun, surrounded in an aura of flames. As she floats down, a pulsing beam of red light seems to shoot out of the center of Velen’s chest to the center of Yinny’s chest in the shape of a heart. She lands at the end of the aisle next to her father who will then walk her down the aisle, the pulsing beam of light still connecting them. The pulsing of the beam of light increases in frequency till Baron Asgara places Yinny’s hand in Velen’s. On contact, the aura of flames surrounding Yinny seems to ignite and flow over to engulf Velen as well.
Velen’s vows are very flowery and romantic and seem to really be appreciated by Yinny. If one listens carefully, his vows include loving, honoring, and protecting her. There is no mention of exclusivity.

As you exit the saberrakes ignite their sabers and hold them up for the couple to cross under. Thankfully Yinny’s head piece is not too tall. You and the wedding party are pulled aside for holos as everyone else filters into the Festival Pavilion ballroom for the reception.
You have extensive holopics and holorecordings for the entire ceremony.

Baron Van Velen-Asgara
Baroness Yinny Asgara
Baron Iyen Nuselle of House Barnaba – crashes using Baroness Arianna Nuselle’s invitation
Rest is the same as the Wedding group

Description: The ballroom of the Festival Pavilion looks out over the lake and is decorated extravagantly. When you finish up with group and individual pictures Velen and Yinny disappear for a little bit before the reception. You do come across a few other groups as the Glass Palace is hosting a House Cadrian wedding and event in the main ballroom. Your group and their group are free to mingle the grounds, but both security groups will keep those without invitations out of the ballroom buildings (Festival Pavilion and Glass Palace).
You will notice that the gift table has several packages and envelopes, but more about that later. The wedding cake is magnificent. They will need stepladders to pull down the top layers (specific description and type up to you to fill in). A veritable feast is served to you and all of your attendees.
Tasin gives a beautiful wedding toast with bits that many think are jokes about how you would not be alive if Gialina’s father hired a better duelist. Everyone laughs. Some in the know can barely contain themselves. Gialina gets a little misty at that point. Everyone toasts the couple, but Tasin does not sit when he is through. He returns to the story about the duel and how it was significant in other ways as well being the first time he met Gialina. He approaches Gialina, pulls her to her feet, leans in, and begins describing how he felt when he first saw her and how close they have grown. He then takes a knee, produces a engagement ring with a massive rock, and proposes to her. Gialina accepts almost before he finishes.
The dinner resumes and everyone is has a great time.

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