Velen's Time Between Missions Onboard the Discovery

While onboard the Discovery (or other Rebel fleet capital ship) between missions, Velen has a few things he always does.

1. After every mission he gets a complete medical check from his personal 2-1B droid, Too-Doo. This especially includes a full check for any communicable diseases of the intimate type.

2. He willingly will spar with his lightfoil vs lightfoil or lightsaber with anyone who so desires to, though he does specifically ask that people let him know when they are mystically augmenting their skills as it helps him to judge their actual skill versus their "enhanced" abilities. He is also willing to teach just about anyone the basic forms of his style. (His style is completely non-force augmented Tapani style, and is most similar to the classic Form II combat style.)

3. He socializes in the bar's and other common area's of the ship.

4. He takes care of any paperwork that HQ sends his way to complete.

5. And he makes special friends, discretely of course, with some of the shipboard and/or HQ crewmembers of the female gender. Not usually any that would be being sent out on missions with him though (though he doesn't turn them down if they approach him).

6. Also he updates his personal journal and downloads all the video files from Reeco.

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