Velen's Ship's Articles

These rules are for any operations onboard the Kersen Drukknoop or any ship where Velen is in charge.

1. The Captain is the being in charge of the current mission.

2. All booty shall be doled out fairly based on the estimated value of the booty, under the watch of the Captain. If crew members cannot agree between themselves who gets a certain piece of booty, then those wanting it shall have the option to either draw lots or have a drinking contest to see who gets it as part of their fair share.

3. Each associate crew member (ie NPC) will get 1 share of booty. Each full crew member (ie PC) will get 2 shares of booty. The owner of any ship used in the mission will get 1 extra share. Boarding Party members get 1 extra share. The Captain gets 1 extra share. 2 shares shall be used to cover any costs associated with the set-up, execution, or clean-up of the mission.

4. Idlers get no share of the booty.

5. No unattended minors allowed on board. (Minors being any pre-pubescent being)

6. Damage to crew member’s ships by crew members shall be paid for by the crew member who caused the damage.

7. Desertion of one’s battle station is punishable by marooning or death, at the vote of the crew.

8. Weapons, vac suits, and persons are to be kept clean and serviceable at all times.

9. Droids are not to be mistreated.

10. No fighting between crew members on board. Personal disputes are to be settled planetside by duel.

11. Sentients are NOT part of the booty. Prisoners shall be thoroughly searched prior to being taken on board the ship, and then secured on board at the discretion of the Captain. In case of prisoners deemed to be a threat, they shall be stripped and secured in the starboard airlock with only the inner airlock door locked. Prisoners shall not be starved to death or allowed to die of thirst. Prisoners always have the option of leaving the ship while at space, but they are not allowed to do so with any equipment or clothing. Prisoners deemed to have no value shall be marooned at a location determined by a vote of the currently present crew.

12. Citroen means No.

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