Velen's Time Between Missions Away from the Discovery

Between missions when Velen gets the opportunity to take time elsewhere from the fleet, he tends to go to planets to make more contacts as well as to take care of tasks that just can't be taken care of while in the fleet. Normally he uses public transport from whatever planet he can get dropped off on since he doesn't have a ship of his own yet.

One of the most common places he tends to go is to Procopia, in the Tapani Sector. There he is usually being social among the other Tapani nobles, and taking care of whatever business he needs to take care of there to keep himself and his reputation there in "good" standing. "Good" being very subjective of course. Generally, the women either love him or hate him (while still wanting him). The other men tend to be a lot more varied in their oppinion of him, some liking him and liking to party or hang out with him (like other saber rakes), some being neutral towards him, and some not liking the way that some of the women close to them may interact with him. To date, at least one young noble girl's father has challenged Velen to a duel with Velen marrying his daughter as the cost for Velen loosing. Fortunately, the man did not pay well enough to get a good enoug quality in his professional duelist and Velen won easily, thereby avoiding matrimony and/or death.

Recently Velen has also spent some private time on Navhiba here in the Crucible Sector, rubbing elbows with the local nobility there. It is good to have friends in places you might need them.

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