Versatex Survival Suit

Equipment / Protective Gear / Environmental Suits

Model: Vectac Systems Inc. Versatex Survival Suit
Type: Personal survival suit
Cost: 900, 150 (armor plates), 5 (replacement dye concentrate capsules, 5 colors available)
Availability: 2
Game Notes: Suit is waterproof and tear and pressure resistant. Micro-capillaried fabric’s insulation fluids protect the wearer from temperature extremes from as low as -30º C to as high as 100º C. Suit’s microcapillaries have a limited camouflage system. By exposing the belt color sensor to the environment’s predominant color, custom tinted dyes will be injected into the micro-capillaries, altering the suit’s color, granting a +1D bonus to sneak and hide. Helmet has a built-in comlink, breath mask and glowlamp. Optional strap-on armor provides +1D physical and +2 energy protection, retaining the same camouflage capabilities.
Source: Galladinium’s Fantastic Technology (page 57)

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