Veteran Spacer

Veteran Spacer
Dex: 3D; blaster, brawling parry, dodge, grenade, melee combat
Kno: 2D+1; alien species, intimidation, languages, streetwise, value
Mec: 3D+2; astrogation, communications, repulsorlift operation, sensors, space transports, starship gunnery, starship shields
Per: 3D; bargain, con, forgery, gambling, persuasion, search, sneak
Str: 2D+2; brawling, lifting, stamina
Tec: 3D+1; first aid, security, space transports repair, starship weapon repair
Species: Human
Move: 10
Force Sensitive: Yes or No
Force Pts: 1
Character Pts: 5
Credits: 500
Equipment: shipsuit, comlink, vacuum suit, datapad, blaster pistol (4D), starship toolkit, spacer’s chest, mementoes from a dozen worlds.

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