VI Special Force Encounters

VI. VI. pecial Force Encounters Section Last Updated: 7/31/16

1.) The Jedi Hunters: After the events in Sparks #13: Conference at Paragon, it becomes obvious that the Jedi Order is not as safe as it once was. The new Emperor, Palpatine, has dispatched dedicated Dark Jedi and Adepts to seek out and capture the remaining Jedi. The Force hunt has proceeded in different stages

Passive Force Hunt –
The Passive Force hunt started with the events of Sparks #13: Conference at Paragon. This is where all the Hunters are looking for ALL Force-users. The Hunt proceeded in stages: the hunters must first be made aware of the Force-user and then they began closing in to prepare and capture the Force-user. The Passive Force Hunt ended when the Emperor had enough trained Hunters to proceed with the Active Force Hunt.

Active Force Hunt –
At GenCon 2005 the Active Force hunt started. With the Active Hunt anyone who was Known by the Hunters was added to a list and they were assigned dedicated Hunter teams (commensurate with their Force Encounter Level). So they were assumed to have a group of Hunters always only one or two steps behind them constantly in pursuit. If the Force-user was able to keep a low profile long enough the Hunters would give up and stop looking.

Post Force Hunt –
At GenCon 2007 with the events of the Interactive the Active Force hunt ended in the Crucible Sector and the rest of the Galaxy. Leading up to the Interactive multiple Hunter teams were ambushed and destroyed. At the Interactive the last of the Dark Jedi from the Hunters fought Sillo Bluestar in an epic lightsaber dual. Sillo Bluestar knew that he could defeat the Dark Jedi, but in doing so the Emperor would just send more Hunters to the Crucible Sector. In the end he made the final sacrifice and let himself be killed by the Dark Jedi. But before surrendering he convinced the Dark Jedi that he was the last Force-user in the Crucible Sector. The Dark Jedi took this information back to Darth Vader and in turn the Emperor has not sent any more Force Hunters to the Crucible Sector. In fact the Emperor and the Hunters believe that all of the Jedi in the Galaxy have been taken care of except for Luke Skywalker. So the Emperor has recalled the few remaining Hunters to be used on other tasks. Force-users can still become Known to the Hunters, but the difficulty is much higher without Hunters actively searching in the Sector. If the Force-user does become Known to the Hunters, they will once again be personally hunted as the rules below indicate.

2.) Known By The Hunters: With the Post Force hunt rules it is much harder to become Known to the Hunters, because they are no longer actively searching. The first time a Force-user or anyone making a skill or attribute roll that was modified by the Force-user through the use of the Force rolls over 100 on any Control, Sense, Alter or Force power modified skill or attribute roll (this excludes the general spending of Force points unless they are used to modify one of the above mentioned rolls) in any event (module, seminar, interactive, or mission) they have attracted the attention of the Emperor and/or Darth Vader. If the encounter involves a Dark Side Force-user, then in certain circumstances the difference in the Force-user’s roll and the Dark Side Force-user’s roll needs to be greater than 100 to be detected from afar. In essence the Dark Side Force-user’s power rolls helps to block the detection of the Force-user’s rolls. Note that the roll results being compared do not have to be direct responses of each other (attack v. parry, etc.), but can be any Force power effect roll (power activation, power enhanced skill or attribute, etc.) that happens at any point during the same round as the Player Character’s roll (i.e. PC attacks, but the NPC Dark Side Force user does not parry the roll. The Dark Side Force user may have used some other reaction effect such as Reduce Injury or Absorb/Dissipate Energy, etc. Also the Dark Side Force user may have used the Force on his next action (or previous action) that round such as Force Lightning, etc.). Also note that all rolls in the ‘encounter’ should be compared as listed above. These do not have to be rolls by the person the Player Character is directly attacking or defending. Other Dark Side Force users in the encounter can mask the Player Characters use of the Force (this would exclude those intentionally separated into another ‘encounter’). If the Dark Side Force-user opposes the Force-user without using Dark Side powers (These are ANY Force powers being used by a Dark Side Force user and not just powers that are listed as ‘gaining a Dark Side point’ from their use. It is the person and roll of the power user that is creating the masking effect for the Player Characters use of the Force), then the standard 100 roll applies. Also during the course of any event if the Emperor, Darth Vader or any Hunter gets a Force signature of the character by scanning them with Sense, they too will be Known by the Hunters. And finally if physical evidence is found identifying the Force-user and the evidence finds its way to the Emperor, Vader or any Hunters, then the Force-user would become Known to the Hunters. Also note that some modules will still have set lower detection numbers, due to module specifics where Hunters may be in the vicinity. These modules will give a vision to warn players at the beginning. When a character becomes Known by the Hunters they see the following vision:

You see two eyes open and stare back at you. As the view pans back you see a scarred face that is quickly covered by a black mask with sound of the vacuum sealing cutting the silence. Darth Vader turns to a communication console and punches in a quick sequence. The view screen comes to life with the image of human wearing the uniform of an Inquistor.
Vader – “I have felt another Force-user in your Sector Inquisitor Raddich.”
Raddich – “What do you command my master?”
Vader – “Use your talents to find them and report their location to me alone. Do not encounter this Force-user by yourself. They are too powerful.
Raddich – “I will find them and report to you at once.”
A sudden chill shoots through your body as you are hurled back deep into darkness and you hear the words of Sillo Bluestar echo in your mind, “Beware the Hunters will be coming for you”.

For all players that were Force Sensitive and were at the GenCon 2007 Interactive Sparks #109 (they have a connection to Sillo Bluestar who sacrificed himself to end the hunt) also get this following vision:

Your total immersion in the Force has brought to you crystal clarity. Your friends seem to move in slow motion. Behind you a strange presence approaches. As you turn to face this new threat a sense of calm and understanding envelopes you. Approaching you is the glowing form of Jedi Battlemaster Sillo Bluestar. He states calmly, “You have come to a crossroads and the path you have chosen will lead to your downfall. Do not let my sacrifice have been in vain. Vader will have detected such a strong use of the Force, just as I have. He is busy, but will spare at least some time hunting you. He will also employ others to do so. I can shield this disturbance for only a short time. You must once again conceal your presence from those who seek your destruction.”

Mark the Force-user’s character sheet that they are Known by the Hunters.

There are also special circumstances besides just being Known by the Hunters that can effect the Force Hunt and Bounty Encounters. Can a non-Force User, suspected Force User, or someone only seen and not sensed using the Force alter or trigger a Force Encounter and/or the Final Force Encounter? These situations can potentially alter the Force Hunt for Force Users, but typically has a greater impact on the Bounty Encounter with it triggering the Force version Bounty Encounter. The specific variations are reviewed below with their potential effects. Note that all of these can still be labeled Known to the Emperor/Hunters, etc., but the added description is needed to determine the response level upon future interactions.
- Suspected Force User: this can be speculation without proof of any sort (i.e. talking about the Force too much, seen wielding a lightsaber, etc.).  This should only be used for Bounty Encounters with the effect being that when triggered they send the Force hunter version just to be safe.
- Spotted Force User: this is they have proof of Force power use in some fashion on video etc., but it could be a trick or someone else influencing the detected player (i.e. Enhanced Coordination or Telekinesis where the Force User is manipulating the spotted person in some fashion).  This should bring added scrutiny, but not the full Force Hunt.  This would make Bounty Encounters the Force Version, and also reduce the Force Cap some.  My suggestion is that this level would reduce the Force Cap to 50 for 1 year (as if they had already done a 1-year period at 20).  The Final Encounter can ONLY be triggered by this individual rolling over 50, so if they are NOT the Force User, they cannot trigger the Final Encounter.  Note that any future Bounty Encounter no matter how much time has passed should trigger the Force version.
- Sensed Force User: this is the traditional breaking of the Force Cap of 100.  This is the same as always where the Force Cap is reduced to 20 and in any future event for 1-year rolling over the 20 Force Cap will trigger the Final Encounter.  After 1 year the Force Cap goes to 50 and then after another year it returns to 100 and the Force User is no longer Known for the purpose of triggering the Final Encounter.  Note that any future Bounty Encounter no matter how much time has passed should trigger the Force version.

3.) Force Encounter – The Final Reckoning: In the first year (calendar year) after becoming Known to the Hunters that the Force-user or anyone making a skill or attribute roll that was modified by the Force-user through the use of the Force rolls over a 20 on any Control, Sense, Alter or Force power modified skill or attribute roll (this excludes the general spending of Force points unless they are used to modify one of the above mentioned rolls) in any event (module, seminar, interactive, or mission) they prompt the Final Reckoning. If the Force-user avoids further detection for one calendar year the detection roll increases to 50. If the Force-user avoids detection for an additional year, then they are no longer Known to the Hunters. The Hunters cannot search in vain forever. The Final Reckoning is where Inquisitor Raddich has finally tracked the location of the Force-user and confronts them, but he is not alone. Besides the numerous stormtroopers the Inquisitor has brought Darth Vader to face the Force-user. At this time the Gamemaster will ask one final question of the character.

“When confronted by Vader and beaten back, will you Turn to the Dark Side or will you Die?”

The character is officially considered out of play at this time. The Gamemaster and the player will sit down to script out this character’s final conflict with Vader with the eventual ending the player has chosen for their character. This scripted conflict will then be acted out or reported on at the next Seminar or Interactive. If the player opted to Turn to the Dark Side, then this character will become an NPC which can never be redeemed.

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