Visit To Townster S Place Cod Con 08

Vegan System Confrontation Report
Report By: Maj. Gen Taylor Castel
Casualties: 0
Ship: Technicality (personal), minimal damage.

Upon learning the location of a Youngston Townster facility I investigate a likely area of man-dabot production.

Upon entering the system 4 IRD patrols were recognized. We evaded detection from the IRD, a simple rotations pattern and approached the facility. Upon nearing the facility no life was detected from the area. Likely conclusion that the facility was heavily stocked and operated with droids.

Two droid ships started to approach our vector. We slide along and tried to stay hidden near an asteroid. However the ships approached. Soon my ship was hit with a strange blue electrical draining weapon. The weapon targeted shields on my vessel and drained them completely of all power reserves. Fortunately my personal vessel relies mostly on hull fro protection.

Once hit with this anti shield weapon the base began launching missiles. I deflected the missile with sensor decoy and my tractor beam. Then I tractored the nearest asteroid and plug the launching bay from the base.

Once that bay was sufficiently plugged, another volley of missiles came from an unknown location. There was a undetected base/ship launching missile volleys of 30 at one time. Seeing an opportunity the crew led the missiles straight into the base before our timely departure.

I would like to commend the crew for their courage and expertise. Without their aid this mission would not nearly have acquired so much information.

Taylor Castel

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