Weapon Mount

Equipment / Medical / Cybernetics

Type: Cybernetic weapon socket
Scale: Character
Skill: Medicine: cyborging (to install)
Cost: 50 (surgery: 2,500) (does not include weapon)
Availability: 2, R
Difficulty To install: Easy
Game Notes:

The character’s arm end in a socket, on which any range of specially modified weapons can be mounted. Standard weapons cannot be mounted, custom cyberweapons usually cost twice the normal cost of the weapon. If the medicine roll to install fails by less than 5 points, the weapon fails to operate consistently. Every time a weapon is fired (or every round, if the weapon uses a constant power flow, such as a lightsaber or vibroweapon), if the Wild Die rolls a 3 or less, the weapon fails to fire and shuts off (requiring an action to reactivate it).


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