Weather Sense

Weather Sense
Sense Difficulty
spaceE (10) – if user lived in the area for more than a year
spaceM (15) – if user lived in the area between 6 and 12 months
spaceD (20) – if user lived in the area between 1 and 6 months
spaceVD (25) – if user lived in the area less than 1 month
space*modified by proximity and local meteorological conditions
Required PowersMagnify Senses
Power may be kept ‘up’
Effect – This power allows the Force-user to attune themselves to the workings of local weather patterns. This power does not lend itself to quick predictions. It takes weeks for a Force-user to so acclimate himself to the local weather patterns and become familiar with unique features of the local topography that it is possible to obtain accurate readings. The prediction is effective for four hours. The difficulty increases if the Force-user wishes to make more extended forecasts.
Located – Tales of the Jedi Companion Sourcebook p.52

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