What A Great Guy

Dear Diary,

I've heard some talk of one 'Slick' guy being kinda a jerk, but it's not true. Not only is he handsome and debonair, but it turns out he knows how to please a lady as well.

Sure, it's only just now come to my attention that most guys I hang out with will buy me lots of pretty things, but this one blows everything else outta the water…even the nice dress Lord Xacon had made for me. Yes, 'Slick' was dear enough to send me a beautiful pink Finn-Batt Missles Launcher and some dandy blast candy to go along. What a great guy, I'll have to send him out a Jynxie Pin-Up calander for that one.

So now perhaps if I play my cards right I'll get some help from rebel base for Jynxie's Boot Camp…that is an AT-AT (<—-THEY SUCK!!! >;{ ) decomposition camp. I won't even consider taking any money for it as long as we get to blow the hell outta some damn AT-AT's. Problem is, we might have to go into Pallis sector to do so.

Well, gonna see if Squibie is done taking a nap.

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