What Have I Done Now

Dear Diary,

Command sent me out on what I thought was a training run with some new recruits and D'Abu Da to locate and bring home a Senator's family after they went missing in transit. I guess that's what you get for making assumptions though.

I was taken back by our pilot to be honest, she's quite young. A gifted Togruta by the name of Salvage' Lug, adopted into a Squib family. Her sister was on mission with us as well, a Squib named Snarf Snarf, and of course there was also Ari the Squib.

I dunno what it was in particular that sparked it. I went from threatening them about staying away from Chi Chi to offering to make them a part of our collective family. Er….I suppose that is what a good Squib wife would do anyways? But when they met one another and started talking about how they both lost their families and were orphaned all over again….and when Snarf proved to be as blood thirsty as I can be….maybe it was fate?

Actually it wasn't. It was the 'force' that got us into this entire mess in the first place. When does it ever do anything really good? Well…maybe it did.

Either way I was glad when ChiChi and the others showed up, though he was less enthusiastic about the 'adoptions' at first but I think after seeing the girls in action he came around. He has a soft spot for some of the strays i bring home.

So once again it seems that our family is growing in numbers. It's strange how things come together….like rigging an explosive device together on the spot out of whatever you have available.


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