When Are You Needed

Someone very special to me has brought something to my attention. There are times when I looked to her as an older sister, and there are times when I look at her as though she were my mother. I of course don't tell her these things; she has enough on her mind. The last thing I need is a lecture as to how misguided I am in believing in her as such.
The people of the galaxy have certain expectations that they have come to expect from Jedi. These expectations are derived from literature, experience, propaganda, and some even from a romantic notion of what a Jedi is. It is because of these conflicting expectations that no matter what a Jedi does, she will be wrong. She will both be praised and or ridiculed for anything she does. It is because of this it was so crucial the Jedi, and force users for that matter, look to their own for precedence. It is because of this that the Jedi Council must be reformed.

I was traveling with a group, and we entered the tomb of a Jedi to obtain a lightsaber. This weapon was truly awesome in its abilities. In the hands of a force user who could attune themselves to it, this weapon couldn't inflict significant damage on large targets. We endured dangerous trials to obtain this artifact, and when the time came to use it I chose not to utilize it.
Pistol Whip and Sara were insistent that I use it. Pistol Whip in particular was verbal. “We did not just risk life and limb for you to get that, only for you to choose not to use it.” He said. “You even have the express verbal permission from the Jedi you stole it form to use it.”
My only real rationale as to why I didn't use it was the fact that I did not feel the need to. I was completely trusting in the ability of those around me. I took comfort in the level of firepower that was present with my comrades. There was no need for me to push all of that aside and assume that I am I alone was capable of dealing with the problem. I was willing to take the frustrated words from two of my compatriots as to my inaction, as opposed to the jealous and fearful remarks from those who felt powerless as a result of my fear, and lack of trust towards them. Only the dark side assumes that it is alone.

An instance in which my actions were necessary, was when one my comrades faltered. Polla, Choth, Josh Rimwall, and I encountered guards in the basement warehouse. They over ran Choth, leaving four to three. I have the utmost respect for Choth, I see him as a very capable and skillful combatant. Seeing him drop as quickly as he did, turned the tide of battle against us. It was then that I called upon the force, brought forth my lightsaber, and did what I could to hold off the four guards, while my friends revived Choth.

The force isn't just our ally, it is their ally as well. When the situation is dire, the force aids them through us.

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