When Shit Hits The Fan Report From Major Zzingnut

So, we were sent to the most boring place in the galaxy….Feh.

Our mission was to rub out a new Imperial Cell. Qualan took two of the new recruits with him to the spacer bar while Crash and I went to the more distinguished bar. There seemed to be little information we could get, and we were loath to talk to the rebel cell on the planet. Having been told not to give away it's location and all.

We did eventually manage through Qualan and the recruits, to find out where th sell was at. We devised a plan to use the sewers and septic tanks which were loaded with methane, as an easy way to blame the Imperial pressence for some uncomfortable situations in town. We planned to cause an explosion that would both destroy the Imperial Base and at the same time cause havock in the town by causing the refreshers to overflow.

Needless to say, only the later happened.

The mission was debunk, we discovered it was a trap and a set up with nothing to be had. And for once in my career, it was a sad waste of explosives.

-Reon Vo-Zzingnut

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