Who Says A Trap Has To Be Unpleasant?

Team Leader: Mathias Cordones
Team Members: Gen. Harold Ascott, Arkansas Dave Rudebaugh, Jericho Hunter, Gabriel, and Sara Starsider
Ship Used: Mathias allowed the use of his brand new luxury 3000 yatch (La Tour de Luxe)
Location: Luxury resort on planet Delta
Mission Objectives: Identify the undercover ISB agent and who they are trying to make contact with. Not required to stop them, expose them, or do anything other than identify them. It was understood that ideally we would prefer not to be captured in doing so.
Mission Debrief: On arrival into the system, it seems that traffic was a bit heavier than we expected and traffic control appearently made a miscalculation which caused us to have a close call with another ship on entry to the system. The paint on the beautiful new ship was scratched and had a gouge in it (Mathias is taking this matter up with the Traffic Control for making the error). Other than that, our arrival on Delta went smoothly. We set up our base of operations in our suite of rooms without any problems.
Our team seemed to be expertly suited to the mission.

  • General Ascott with assistance from ADR and Jericho maintained our base of operations and performed background checks on all of the contestants in the Pazaak Tournament and performed additional more penetrating network research into them as required. It seems that Spacebook is a fairly useful resource.
  • Gabriel slipped below and investigated what the black market on Delta held and what resources may be available for our use if the need arose. She then also made the appropriate contacts to aquire what we needed when it was time.
  • Mathias and Sara went into the legal and black market gambling areas where they worked together to work out more immediate and current information on the players of the Pazaak Tournament and the thoughts of the local market as to who would win and anything unusual about the players. (Note: we did not join the Pazaak Tournament)

The ISB agent was not difficult for us to ID, however, we were not really finding anyone that would be of great use to most Imperial interests. The ISB agent was clearly cheating in the Tournament, but had the assistance of the dealers as the Tournament was backed by the Empire and the system is sympathetic to the Empire even if they are not actually a part of it, therefore even those who saw him cheat could not get anyone to listen.

In order to confirm our ID of the ISB agent and try to gain further insight into the identity of the person they were trying to contact, we organized a party for the final 10 contestants using our cover as a high roller and his entourage. This 'operation' went very smoothly. We managed to find more information on the other contestants and confirmed the ID of the ISB agent, including getting a copy of his personal datapad with messages to his superiors. However, none of the other contestants seemed to have much to offer the Imperials other than a couple of them would most likely be rebel sympathizers (a list of these people for possible contact and recruitment is in General Ascott's posession). The last message to the ISB's superiors was that everything was going well and the rebels would be arrested after the Tournament.

We realized that the people the agent was actually there to meet was US. As usual, the entire thing was a trap set to catch rebels. Realizing this, we carefully set up to turn the trap back on him.

We had our belongings quietly taken to our ship earlier in the day while the R2 unit brought with us kept it ready to go. We then also prepared for our 'counters' to his springing of the trap.

We left the tournament once the tournament was down to the agent and 1 other player. Then when the agent decided to publically "expose" the rebels, his planned video montage cutoff in less than 5 seconds to be replaced by a montage of clips detailing how HE cheated in the tournament and partied the night before with no one except for a bunch of escorts (including a male wookie). The local security who had been given orders to arrest us as we were on our way to our ship had pointed out to them that their orders came from people with no actual authority on Delta, was very vague as to who to arrest, and had no evidence so they decided that there was obviously a mistake that needed looked into and let us go without a fight or anything. So we then departed the planet peacefully.

Oh, and we also saved the Rebellion a decent amount of credits as the nice ISB agent was nice enough to pay for our lodgings, food, entertainment, and pretty much our entire stay at the planet with the expense countersigned by his boss.

Mission Status: Successul. ISB Agent was ID'd and we ID'd ourselves as who he was trying to contact.

I Still Cannot Believe It

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