Why Can't We Be Friends?

Summary: In an attempt to find out the fate of Rebel Corbin Maxx, the Rebel Alliance sent a delegation to determine Ogus the hutt's role in corbin's disappearance. Knowing the Hutt's ire with the Rebel alliance for there part in protecting Rockland Hawk, the Alliance also sent Thunder Team led by Flash Meltdown to utilize their expertise. Thunder Team true to form demonstrated the best actions NOT to take when dealing with Hutts. Yes, Hutts as Cormba and Jabba also made appearances. After much negotiations, and several sore backsides from getting spanked, the team headed to Ord Mantell to follow up on a lead. Things went bad however, as their contact the Ghost, got captured by Bounty Hunters as well…. these were hired by Youngston Townster III.

more details to follow…

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