Why So Blue

After seeing Vandin out, Jynx rested her back against the door and took a look around the apartment, wondering where her husband had wandered off to. Obviously it wasn't the gardens, she would have noticed him tailing her….wouldn't she?

Changing into some workout clothes, she tied her hair back and approached one of the inflatable Jawas she had purchased. It was a bit short for sparring with, but would do while she was home. She did a few warm up exercises, stretches, and began slowly to spar with the weeble wobble figure as Dash watched noncommittally from his dogie bed. She went through her forms, changing them up a bit, pivoting and punching or kicking.

After a while, she decided that one wasn't enough so broke out two more, placing them near enough to interact with and be able to dodge out of the way of once she got them all going. It was a bit more difficult than she imagined, having to aim lower and occasionally missing her targets from aiming too high. A few times the inflatables got the better of her, bumping into her before she could parry or sidestep. She could feel a slight ache in her calves and thighs from constantly lowering her position, but decided it was a good way to keep her legs and butt in shape.

Focused in her progress, Jynx didn't hear the door open or notice when the Squib entered. He paused, a mischievous smile creeping across his face as he took in his wife and her long, well toned legs strike a Jawa so hard that it popped. His smile broadened and he watched her hop back a step from the noise, not expecting to break the weeble wobble. She cursed, bending over to pick up the remains and dispose of them.

Before she could straighten herself up she heard a cat call from behind her and spun around, eyes sweeping across the room. After a pause, she adjusted her eyes lower a few notches and spied a blue furred squib in full cowboy get up and a decksweeper balanced over one shoulder, cigar in the corner of his mouth, and one hand hitched in his pocket.

Giving his wife an appreciative glance and a wink, he set the gun aside and sauntered closer towards her.

“Uh….why are you blue?” Jynx asked, planting her feet and setting a hand on her hip. “You look like V.”

Winking at her and flashing her a very mischievious smile, he merely replied "I was going to terrorize Taylor, but she was tied up for awhile."

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