Wolfman Steve Memorial

Under the name plaque are the following messages.

"You were a credit to your race. I would have liked to have known you longer. Your kind heart will be missed." Dee'laan

((Sent via Crucible Sector Rebellion Message service with a copy left by the
Memorial Wall))

Warriors fight battles not on the basis of how much they can do, but that
they do what they must. Each entity sworn to the service of the Employer knows
at least one person that has made such a sacrifice for the good of all.

The good of all is a vague, amorphous sort of thing. Far too often,
sentient beings get wrapped around the idea that the life of the individual is
more important or of greater weight than the community the individual is a part
of. This should not be mistaken for a callous disregard for what an individual
is worth, but a mere statement of the knowledge all sentients have. Namely that
without a community, an individual cannot stand for they have nothing to fight
for, and without separate ways of belief, a community cannot prosper.

We, the survivors of our fallen friends, must always bear in mind our
continuing honor and duty to conduct ourselves with respect to those who have
fallen before us. There are those who would argue it is a burden to go on when
others who were close have fallen. To them: Carry that memory in pride that
they went out doing what they must.

As far as the one noteworthy and specific case that has reached this one's
ears-GOOD SHOW! This one has always wondered what facing significant armored
units would be like. That he was able to draw their fire—one sentient versus
several walkers-that is amazing. Remember, always impress your audience,
inspire them to reach for something greater while remembering the steps it took
to get them there. With a masterwork performance even one's enemies can be
guided into accepting a grim reality they would otherwise not find palatable.

This one wishes that the work of the Employer had not kept this one away, it
sounded like a monumental series of battles where one's teeth, claws, and blade
could have been of great use.

Has anyone contacted the next of kin for our fallen and injured warriors?
We have an honor and a duty to them as well, to let them know. Let us not fail
that task.

Mrrvyyn Nital
"Honor your allies by always keeping your mind and weapons sharp."

((Sent via Crucible Sector Rebellion Message service
with a copy left by the Memorial Wall))

I only met the sentient known as Wolfman Steve on
one mission; in the course of which Steve drank me
under the table. The result of the contest was
sufficiently hazed by alcohol that Wolfman Steve
generously offered to go partners with the runner-up
on the prize. That made Steve a right kind of guy
to me (despite scurilous rumors that he was not a guy,
but actually one of those missing heiress/princesses).

Wolfman Steve was brave.
Wolfman Steve was dependable.
Wolfman Steve was generous.
When his time came, Wolfman Steve went down swinging.

What more could anyone want of an ally?

Lt. Commander Pola Panllal
Orange Squadron

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