Wookie Resistance Fighter

Wookie Resistance Fighter
Dex: 3D; bowcaster, brawling parry, dodge, melee combat, melee parry, running, thrown weapons
Kno: 2D+1; intimidation, streetwise, survival, willpower
Mec: 2D+1; beast riding, repulsorlift operation, sensors, starship gunnery
Per: 2D+1; hide, search, sneak
Str: 5D; brawling, climbing/jumping, lifting, stamina, swimming
Tec: 3D; bowcaster repair, demolitions, first aid, security
Species: Wookie (If another race is selected replace the following equipment: bowcaster and bandolier with all quarrels with a light repeating blaster (6D), 2 frag grenades (5D), 2 stun grenades (5D), and 2 glop grenades. Also replace bowcaster and bowcaster repair skills with blaster and blaster repair.)
Special Abilities: Berserker Rage – enraged Wookies receive a +2D to Strength for brawling damage; also suffers –2D to all non-Strength attribute and skill checks; to calm down, the character must make a Moderate Perception roll (at only –1D, minimum roll of 1D). Climbing Claws – +2D to climbing rolls, but cannot be used honorably in combat.
Move: 11
Force Sensitive: Yes or No
Force Pts: 1
Character Pts: 5
Credits: 500
Equipment: modified Wookie bowcaster (5D; damage has been increased by +1D), bandolier with 50 standard quarrels, 10 explosive quarrels (+1D damage), 10 stun quarrels (stun damage only), and 5 glop quarrels (radius 0-1/3/5; damage 6D/5D/3D; opposed strength roll to break free), vibro-ax (Str+3D+1; maximum 7D), 3 throwing knives (Str+1D; maximum 6D), comlink.

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