XI Sparks Module Listing

XI. Sparks Module Listing Section Last Updated: 7/13/12

Sparks 1. The Only Way Out by Joe Miller
The original Sparks adventure that gets it all started. The characters decide to jump ship and start a new life when obvious changes are coming about in the Old Republic. Set 10 years before Star Wars: A New Hope.

Sparks 2. Mission to Caridia by Robert Wiesse
While escorting a Rebel convoy our heroes receive a distress call from the nearby world of Caridia. Can they help those in distress without getting into trouble themselves?

Sparks 3. No Place Like Home by Joe Miller
Resistance to the New Order begins. The group is sent to look for a hidden base to operate from. However, complications soon distract the PC's from the original mission.

Sparks 4. The Assassination by Bill Short
The death of a Rebel general causes great disruptions to the morale of the young rebellion. The PC's are asked to investigate the incident and discover the killer.

Sparks 5. Dodson's Planet by Charles Brown
An incident in hyperspace tosses the heroes onto a strange world inhabited mainly by robots and droids. Now that you have landed the trick is to leave.

Sparks 6. The Tarterus Mission by Charles Brown
The heroes are sent to investigate an abandoned Imperial Star Destroyer. No greater prize can even be thought of by your Rebel HQ. The group must determine if the Star Destroyer can be used or not.

Sparks 7. The Wayward Wind by Joe Miller
The effort to overthrow the New Order continues despite badly needed raw material. Rebel HQ has located a potential source for some of their badly needed rate material and have sent the PC's to make a trade agreement to a newly located world far from the prying eyes of the New Order.

Sparks 8A. The Shiva Mission by Jim and Jeff Mills
The rebels are sent to Shiva to help set up resistance and train the growing rebellion there. Diplomacy is key as Rebel HQ is hoping to encourage this new resistance to join their cause is resisting the New Order. Round one of two.

Sparks 8B. The Shiva Mission by Jim and Jeff Mills
The rebels having learned vital information on Shiva now journey through space to locate the key to uniting the people against the New Order. Round two of two.

Sparks 9A. Terror From the Unknown (The Informer) By John Cannon and Joe Miller
Seeking to avoid certain entanglements on Cartooine our group has picked up a few passages for a few extra credits unaware of what other entanglements await them on Balbo. Round one of three.

Sparks 9B. Terror From the Unknown (The Mines of Drabok) by John Cannon and Joe Miller
Certain entanglements of Balbo have lead the group to follow up on a lead for a super weapon. All they have to do is find the guy with the information that will lead them to it. Round two of three.

Sparks 9C. Terror from the Unknown (The Juggernaut) by John Cannon and Joe Miller
The conclusion finds the group with their hands on the superweapon. Now how did you say this thing works? Round three of three.

Sparks 10. The Herders. By Charles Brown
Everything is going easy for our heroes as they are sent on a routine mission. Fate steps in to bring our character face to face with a new race with strange and primitive behavior.

Sparks 11. The Alliance by Charles Brown
Lans Garner and his escort have been invited to Bespin to work out plans for uniting the individual points of resistance that have sprung up in the outer rim territories.

Sparks 12. Discovery by Jim Mills, Jeff Stein and John Cannon
The reconnaissance cruiser Discover is sitting at dry dock waiting for someone to haul her out to her graveyard. The rebel High command have a much better idea however as our PC's are assigned the task of finding a way to retrieve the cruiser for the rebel alliance. Three Rounds.
*GM Note: In round #1 the maximum earned credits per character is increased to 30,000.

Sparks 13. Conference at Paragon by Joe Miller
The Jedi knights and Jedi Masters in fear of the growing influence of the new order and certain atrocities are gathering at Paragon to work out a special petition letter to the Senate asking for the suspension of Senator Palpatine. The PC's are requested by the local rebel headquarters to attend and support any petition. Now all you have to do is find Paragon!

Sparks 14. Time and again by Charles Brown
Imperial Admiral Allarn Torwil has declared that he wishes to defect, if the Rebellion will pick him up at the Mos Eisley spaceport, and can transport him safely to a "safe" world. The PC's have been selected to ferry him there; this should be a simple assignment… However, events are transpiring to reshape the entire Star Wars universe; events that will catapult the heroes on a totally unexpected mission into their own future! Two Rounds.

Sparks 15. A Simple Grain Cargo and Murder in the Night by Jim Mills
The players are sent to a farm world to get a grain shipment, load it into a large cargo vessel, and return to the fleet with the new provisions. In order to hide the activity from the Empire, the cargo is "officially" being traded to a neighboring system. It will take some time to load the orbiting freighter, and in the meantime….

Sparks 16. Twilight World by Charles Brown
A secret cargo destined to a secret Rebel research facility turns up missing. Local rebel headquarters is greatly concerned that this cargo will fall into the hands of the Empire. On an inhospitable world, the PC's race ruthless bounty hunters to obtain the important cargo held by a bizarre local warlord.

Sparks 17. General Recruiting by Jim Mills
A famed Imperial General has just retired. Will he have any interest in joining the Rebellion? Grab your Sparks’s character and find out.

Sparks 18. Bacta Run by Joe Miller
The group is assigned the task of moving 6 Y-wing fighters to the rebel base on Arcwen IV. While there a mercy mission compels the rebels to do something about the high number of wounded and dying. Now where to get the needed Bacta!

Sparks 19. The Heist by Stephen Tucker
The rebels have the people and the heart. Now they need the firepower. Are you up to helping them acquire it?

Sparks 20. Return to Shiva by Jim Mills
Something is wrong on Shiva. The Imperials seem to know every move that the Rebels are making. Can you help them to discover the spy in their midst?

Sparks 21. Ghost in the Machine by Charles Brown
Can the PC's get the proof of biological weapons testing and expose the testers for what they are?

Sparks 22. Liberty by the Roundtable
Some rest and relaxation are in order to the rebels. Take advantage of this situation to catch up and pay training and fellowship with other Rebels. This Game Base 7's first Star Wars interactive will have lots of surprises in store. This event is limited to those players who have updated memberships and an updated computerized player sheet.

Sparks 23. Dangerous Alliance – Invasion Chapter I by Charles Brown
A Galaxy in turmoil. As the fledgling Empire stands threatened by a newly united Rebel Alliance, a strange new menace has appeared on the horizon. A menace that cares nothing for Rebels or the Empire. Part I of the Invasion scenario.

Sparks 24. Stormgod by Charles Brown
An alien race is seeking to join the galaxy at large. Will it be on the side of the rebels or on the side of the Empire?

Sparks 25. Sword of Damocles by Rick Naylor
Escape from a Star Destroyer and foil Imperial plans. All in a days work for a Rebel.
*GM Note: If you have an old copy of the module, increase the drunk Wookie’s Brawling to 6D.

Sparks 26. The Beginning by Jeff Stein and Bill Short
In the beginning before even the formal empire was formed there was a plan. Are you asking yourself a plan for what? Three Rounds.
*GM Note: In round #2 the maximum earned credits per character is increased to 30,000.

Sparks 27. The Second Front by Joe Miller
Runs to Shiva are becoming just a little too predictable for the rebel commands comfort level. A second front is needed to distract the efforts on Shiva.

Sparks 28. An Errand of Mercy by Charles Brown
A virus has broken out on the planet Nartral. The only hope of a cure lies in the hand of one of the manufactures of the virus. The only problem is he is on Dumas IV, a planet that does not allow any technology.

Sparks 29. Target Extraction by Stephen Tucker
You have been tasked with the mission of getting a rebel operative extracted from deep deep undercover. Can you find him and get him extracted?

Sparks 30. The Kephrem Confrontation – Invasion Chapter II by Charles Brown
Into a galaxy in turmoil, a new menace has appeared. A menace that makes no distinction between Rebel, Imperial or unaligned forces and strikes with no warning, offering no quarter and accepting no surrender. On a distant world, a clue to their motivation may have surfaced. But all knowledge comes with a price; is the price for this too great to pay? Part II of the Invasion scenario.

Sparks 31. Farastar Strikes Back by Joe Miller
Moff Farastar has been assigned to the Crucible Sector. He is not happy with the current events. He has warp hunters, Rebels and Invaders to deal with. He strikes back the only way he knows how, with unrelenting and overwhelming force. Two Rounds.

Sparks 32. The Gift of Giving by Jeff Stein
Early in his career Senator Palpatine set up a program of giving gifts to those who need them. Lans Garner likes the idea and sends the rebels out to gather gifts for him.
*GM Note: The Star Destroyers have 1 wing of TIE fighters (72 TIEs in total).

Sparks 33. Traders Run by Charles Brown
The rebels need credits and have an idea that will net some quick credits.
*GM Note: The maximum earned credits per character is increased to 30,000.

Sparks 34. Truth, The Sparks Interactive by the Roundtable
It is always best to tell the truth. Many have said that the truth will set you free. Lets see if that works during the trial. The trial of a bank robber, a way to get your rebel identity card, another Pod Race and many other events are part of this-years interactive. This event is limited to those players who have updated GB7 memberships and Sparks characters.

Sparks 35. Stack by Joe Miller
Shiva is under blockade. Someone has to get supplies to the rebels on Shiva. The rebels need a freighter that has the ability to run blockades and get back to base intact and on time. Plans taken from a mission in the Corporate Sector provide the way to make it happen. It will happen won’t it?

Sparks 36. The Adalli Agreement by Erin Moore
On a planet desperate for their survival an agreement is made with the Empire. This agreement will insure the planet of Adalli it's future, but strike a fatal blow to the Rebellion and the galaxy as whole.
*GM Note: Characters may obtain a maximum of 6 ounces of Rhenium.

Sparks 37. Stone Cutter (Visual) by Joe Miller
The Champions of Aepier created many artifacts during their time. One of them was the Stone Cutter. Now with the destruction of the Jedi Temple the clues to its current location lead back to the original home of the Champions of Aepier.
*GM Note: Experience in this module should be gauged on how successful the group is, not specifically on the method they follow. Also change the total bonus Rank Points earned to a maximum of 5.

Sparks 38. New Toys by Jeff Griesel
The Rebellion is always looking for new and different trinkets to help them in their struggle for freedom. Now they might have another, a team of technicians with new equipment wishes to defect.
*GM Notes: (1) Add a simple cutaway at the beginning of the module to warn those who are Force sensitive that Dark Jedi are closer than usual. (2) The bounty from this module was removed at a later date and is in game effect in the timeline from the completion of Sparks #38 until the end of Sparks #41B. So during the intervening modules (#39, #40, #41A, and #41B) the players would have the bounty in place, and would need to notify the gamemaster if they ask for current bounties. After this period the bounty is eliminated. This also means that the bounty would not be in place during any later Seminar, since they happen in the timeline after the current premier module number.

Sparks 39. Metal Overload by Stephen Tucker
An Imperial research project at a droid manufacturing facility has gone awry. Your team has to find out what this mysterious project is and stop it if you can.

Sparks 40. Cyberlord by John Kavain
Mysterious explosions have been plaguing the Rebellion. Innocent families have been destroyed. Also the same is true for the Imperials. Who is behind this?

Sparks 41. The Warp Hunter Wars by Joe Miller with Charles Brown
The Discovery has survived an ambush by Moff Farastar. The problem now is to prevent Moff Farastar from using his cloning equipment to produce his own Warp Hunters. Warp Hunters that would be in the service to the Empire. Two Rounds.
*GM Note: In round #1 describe Durga’s chamber as displaying a variety of unique pieces of equipment and artifacts (these have been acquired from previous unlucky adventurers).

Sparks 42. The Darkness Within by Verne Wetherholt
A cryptic message comes in from a resource rich world with an interest in the Alliance. How could the Empire have missed such a gem? The characters are sent as ambassadors to persuade the planet to join the Alliance. But there is something odd about these people.

Sparks 43. A Day at the Races (Visual) by Stephen Tucker
Start your Engines! You never thought things would be so desperate that you would be on some backwater planet strapped into a pod racer getting ready for the race of your life. I guess you will do anything for the Rebellion. This is a special Spark’s module containing a visual pod race. Miniatures provided.

Sparks 44. Justice, The Sparks Interactive by the Roundtable
A tampered jury, a crooked tramp freighter dealer and the destroyed Jedi Temple all lead to a need for justice. Can you solve the mysteries and see justice done. This event is limited to those players who have updated GB7 memberships and Sparks characters.
Sparks 45. A Bad Rep by Joe Miller
The Empire is trying to spread trouble for the Rebellion in an attempt to discredit them. Can you get to the heart of the secret and keep the Rebellion safe?

Sparks 46. The Trinity Quest – Invasion Chapter III by Charles Brown
In the aftermath of the Kephrem Confontation (Invasion Pt. II), a joint team of Imperial and Rebel forces has been formed to journey into one of the Command Ships of the Invading fleet in the hopes of bringing an end to the war. Diplomacy, scouting skills and luck will help the party succeed. Part III of the Invasion scenario.
*GM Note: If a Force Encounter is called in this module, add its complement to the final battle with the Imperials.

Sparks 47. One Good Turn by Tony Prokes
Can our brave band of Rebel heroes rescue a captured Rebel pilot before he reveals information regarding certain Rebel members and their Force powers? They will need to rescue this pilot from the clutches of a dark Force-user before his knowledge can be pried from him and this sensitive information is sent to the dark masters of the Empire. Designed to test the heroes resolve with the light side of the Force.
*GM Note: If a Force Encounter is called in this module, have the landing shuttles drop in during the encounter with the Dark Jedi.

Sparks 48. Pirates Bounty by Erin Moore
A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away a Rebellion fights for freedom. The soldiers risk their lives in effort to stop the Empire. A small group of such Rebels has now fallen into the hands of pirates, and the Rebels must now save their own.

Sparks 49. The Iskallon Conundrum by Stephen Tucker
Ships have been disappearing from along the outskirts of the Crucible Sector. Rebel, Imperial and even independent ships have vanished without a trace. Could it be pirates or some new threat? Our heroes must find the truth before more ships fall victim to this mystery.

Sparks 50. The Final Stand by Joe Miller and Stephen Tucker
The exciting continuation of the Warp Hunter Wars – Part 4-6. Only one person has the information to stop the warp hunter clones, Moff Farastar. In their most difficult mission to date, our heroes need to capture the leader of the Crucible Sector Imperial forces to dash his attempts to destroy the Rebel Alliance. Three Rounds.

Sparks 51. King of the Hill by Jeff Griesel
The honor of the Crucible Sector Rebellion is on the line! When a regular training exercise is expanded into a competition lives may not be at stake, but reputations are!

Sparks 52. Distressing Games on Nellios by Erin Moore
A planet is at a crossroads to join the Empire or remain free. But members of the ruling class are not playing fair, and the planet may be headed towards ruin to appease the power hungry.

Sparks 53. Rescue at Aquisi Gamma by Jeff Griesel
General Dodonna has gone to the aid of a fledgling rebellion in the Aquisi System. However, Imperial presence in the system has increased and Dodonna has called for extraction. Two Rounds.

Sparks 54. Vacation, The Sparks Interactive by the Roundtable
Tired of the daily grind and usual Lans Garner errands? Then this free trip on a luxury cruise liner is just what you need. Or is it?

Sparks 55. Top Secret by Jeff Stein
What’s top secret? Well then it wouldn’t be top secret would it? So drop on by and learn the secret first hand. You know you want to – just do it.

Sparks 56. Spies, Lies, Fire in the Skies – Part 1: Flight School by Brian Duff
The Rebellion needs you for a top-secret mission. Are you ready? No? That’s OK. This time they’re providing all expense paid training.
Sparks 57. The Hunt by Tony Prokes
Join us as a brave band of adventurers track down the bounty hunter that has captured one of their compatriots. But who is the hunted and who is the hunter?

Sparks 58. Telkorr Beta by Erin Moore
The Rebels have stumbled upon the planet of Telkorr Beta. All sensory data suggests the planet is fine. Yet it is under quarantine. Why does no one seem to know why? The Rebels want the planet to use as a base, so the team must find out and make sure that the planet is safe.

Sparks 59. Into the Rad Zone by Stephen Tucker
You’ve lost contact with a Rebel outpost monitoring a new Imperial facility. Were they discovered or did something worse happen to them? There is only one way to find out…you must go into the Rad Zone.

Sparks 60. Return to Adalli by Erin Moore
The Rebels return to the planet Adalli to find it in ruins. But the leader of Xis Corp has begun a brave effort to fight the Imperials. He needs the aid of the Rebel Alliance. Can they help with his ambitious plan? Two Rounds.

Sparks 61. Wrench in the Works by Scott Rowe
Imperial Forces are fielding an alarming number of TIE fighters. Can a small band of heroic “warriors” sabotage the new TIE production plant? Or will this spell certain doom for the Rebel fleet?

Sparks 62. Return to Mindor by Joe Miller
The players are sent to retrieve cargo that was mislabeled. As a result it cannot be delivered and has been marked “Return to Sender”. The group is called on to get this almost worthless cargo of mining equipment back to its origin.

Sparks 63. Hunter’s Hunted by David Stairs
The party is on an information-stealing mission, when they learn hunters are after them. Who are these hunters? Who is hunted? Why are they after the party?

Sparks 64. Going Old School by David Stairs
The Rebel group is sent on a strange mission. A frontier scout sent an incomplete comm. transmission back to the Rebel base. The group is to find out what happened. What is up?

Sparks 65. Return of the Deadeyes by Joe Miller
A strange twist of fate has landed our heroes on a strange planet that is still in the gunpowder age. There is little or no law to stop the horde of outlaws rampaging the towns and countryside. Or is there?

Sparks 66. The Search for Farastar by Joe Miller
The exciting continuation of the Warp Hunter Wars – Part 7-9. Moff Farastar has been exposed. Now he has disappeared, and several of his cloning chambers have yet to have been found. So where did he go? Only the Shadow knows. Three Rounds.

Sparks 67. Interactive by The Roundtable
Come and interact with the other heroes of the Rebellion. Enjoy Pod Racing, Deathbowl, gambling and all sorts of other interesting activities. Get in a little training or just brush up on your social skills. 8-hour event.

Sparks 68. Gold Leader Down by Charles Brown
While piloting an experimental fighter craft, Gold Leader vanished. Can a band of Rebels find him before it’s too late?

Sparks 69. Caught in the Vice by Stephen Tucker
A young Tapani Sector noble has information vital to the Rebellion, but in order to get it they have to protect him during the festival of Expansion Week.

Sparks 70. Return to Thames by Joe Miller
The players get involved with a strange export from Thames. Who’s benefiting from the profits, and can our heroes stop them?

Sparks 71. Who Dares, Wins by David Stairs
The players are making a delivery to a Rebel cell on the planet Kohonos. While there they are recruited to lead a daring raid on the Imperial encampment. Can they succeed? Dare you find out the ramifications if they don’t?

Sparks 72. Where There’s a Will There’s a Way by David Stairs
The players are enjoying a two-week shore leave granted by Lans Garner, when their break is interrupted. They are to go to a reading of a Will. Who’s getting what, who died? Find out.

Sparks 73. The True Face of Evil by Charles Brown
A Rebel agent has gone missing. Can he be found before the enemy can get critical information from him? Three Rounds.

Sparks 74. A Little Downtime for Our Heroes by The Roundtable
Everyone enjoys a little downtime, especially our overworked heroes. Come and interact with the other heroes of the Rebellion. Enjoy Pod Racing, Deathbowl, gambling and all sorts of other interesting activities. Get in a little training or just brush up on your social skills. 8-hour event.

Sparks 75. Welcome to Bothan Space by Jim Page
Join our Rebels as they are sent on a diplomatic mission to Bothwai. Suspense, intrigue, and Bothans…Oh MY!!

Sparks 76. The Pirate’s Moon by Michael VanOosten
Old Spacer's legends tell of an entire moon that could pull entire merchant fleets out of hyperspace to be plundered by pirates. Now new rumors have surface and a crew of Rebels is dispatched to investigate.

Sparks 77. Catch that Pigeon by Tony Prokes
An Imperial spy has been found in the Rebel ranks and has managed to steal a starship and escape. Your mission is to try and intercept the informant before he can reveal the presence of the Rebel and base and some of the Rebellions key members.

Sparks 78. Into the Fire by David Stairs
The party is investigating an Imperial research facility when things go from bad to worse. What is being produced? Will they succeed?

Sparks 79. What Evil Lurks Within by David Stairs
The characters are recruited by an unlikely source to track and remove an evil, which hunts and kills both Rebels and Imperials. Who is this evil, and can the party stop him? Dare you find out?

Sparks 80A. Asset Liberation by Matthew Lenzen
Rebel Command is ecstatic about the recent aquisition of a capital starship combat fleet, but now they need to be refitted! Where will all the supplies come from, much less the skilled labor and capital to pay for it all? Time for some "creative procurement!"

Sparks 80B. Asset Escalation by Matthew Lenzen
You have successfully stolen the prototype, as instructed. Too bad Command hadn’t provided complete intelligence on the situation, and they hadn’t mentioned that inconveniently located Star Destroyer, either.

Sparks 81. Escalon by Jeff Stein
With the future of the galaxy at stake can the Rebel Alliance once again save the day? Could this be the end of Sparks? Let's hope not. Three Rounds.
*GM Note: The maximum earned credits per character for 81 round 2 (B) is increased to 50,000.

Sparks 82. A Little Downtime for Our Heroes by The Roundtable
Everyone enjoys a little downtime, especially our overworked heroes. Come and interact with the other heroes of the Rebellion. Enjoy Pod Racing, Deathbowl, gambling and all sorts of other interesting activities. Get in a little training or just brush up on your social skills. 8-hour event.

Sparks 83. Uprising on Lytus by Stephen Tucker
Trouble has broken out within the Stenax tribe on Lytus. They have started attacking citizens without regard and their lawlessness will surely attract the attention of the Empire. Can our heroes get to the bottom of the situation before the Imperials step in?

Sparks 84. Smuggler’s Run: Omze’s Incredible Traveling Starport by Michael VanOosten
In the search for a spy on the run, your journey takes you to the infamous traveling starport run by Omze. Sounds like a fun place.
*GM Note: The maximum earned credits per character is increased to 20,000.

Sparks 85. Smuggler’s Run: Gelgelar Freeport by David Demarest
The Rebel Alliance needs more shadow ports where they can refit or re-supply and a team is sent to Gelgelar Freeport. It is a reputed smuggler’s paradise, but what does that exactly entail?
*GM Note: The maximum earned credits per character is increased to 20,000.

Sparks 86. Liberation of Zelon: The Proving Ground by Jeff Stein
The Rebels return to liberate Zelon from the forces of evil. So why does everyone have a bad feeling about this?

Sparks 87. SpecForce Drop Point: Abandoned Asteroid by David Demarest
Returning from a re-supply mission, the hyperdrive mysteriously cuts out and leave our Rebels stranded in an Imperial fleet staging ground.

Sparks 88. Birth of a Legend by David Demarest
While enjoying a little down time between missions, our band of heroes intercepts a strange Imperial distress beacon coming from the nearby gas nebula. Something is not right, there are no Imperial facilities this far out… It is up to our band of heroes to find out where the beacon is coming from, and what exactly happened.

Sparks 89. Acting Deputies by David Demarest
What’s it like being on the other side of the law for a change? On a brief stopover, our team of rebels is recruited into the local militia. Breaking the law is easy, but how hard will it be to maintain order during the Harvest Day festivities?

Sparks 90. Smuggler’s Run: The Torch Nebula by Michael VanOosten
The backbone of the Rebel Alliance supply is smuggling and this time it’s our Crucible Sector rebels moving the cargo. The Torch Nebula is a dangerous and heavily patrolled area, can they pull it off?
*GM Note: The maximum earned credits per character is increased to 20,000.

Sparks 91. Bounty Hunters: A Tricky Bounty by Michael VanOosten
One of the most notorious criminals of the Outer Rim is on the run and with information that could damage the Rebellion.

Sparks 92. Smuggler’s Run: Socorro by David Demarest
In the heart of the Arkanis sector lies the desert world of Socorro. Can our team of rebel smugglers make the necessary connections to supply the Rebellion and survive this world of smugglers and dangerous natives?
*GM Note: The maximum earned credits per character is increased to 20,000.

Sparks 93. Where are We Now? by Aaron Maternowski
While flying escort to a supply run for the Rebel Alliance, an Imperial force arrives to capture our heroes and the cargo. Now they must flee. Where will they end up, and how will they get back?

Sparks 94. Smuggler’s Run: Elrood Sector by Andrew Domaszek and David Demarest
Once again, the Rebels of the Crucible Sector are sent to smuggle cargo, this time through the Elrood sector. How hard could it be?
*GM Note: The maximum earned credits per character is increased to 20,000.

Sparks 95. Snow, Ice and Everything Nice by Stephen Holder
An R&D vessel, an ice planet, and ruins, so where do you come in? Come and see.

Sparks 96. Another Fine Mess by David Stairs
Another fine mess: The players are out on a routine scouting mission of a new system, when they get attacked by a pirate / slaver group. Forced to crash on a desolate desert planet, they must survive, while figuring out how to fix their ship. Are you worthy?

Sparks 97. The Great Jawa Moot by Michael VanOosten
Every one hundred years the Jawas of Tatooine converge on a single point to trade, compete and celebrate. This event is called the “Great Jawa Moot” and few outsiders have ever seen or survived the ordeal, now it is up to our Rebels to visit the Moot! Utinni!

Sparks 98. An Unusual Distress Call by Tony Prokes (concept by Andrew Domaszek)
The Alliance Cruiser Haruss received a hypernet distress message that does not follow any standard protocol from a vector with no known habitable star systems. Suspecting a trap, your crack team has been called in to analyze, gather intel, and resolve the situation.

Sparks 99A. Paying the Piper: Two if by Sea by Moses Birmelin
After recent raids by the Imperials on rebel convoys, the Rebellion finds itself short of medical supplies and in need of Bacta. Our heroes are sent to reestablish contact with an old supplier on a politically turbulent planet. Round 1 of 3.

Sparks 99B. Paying the Piper: Action & Reaction by Moses Birmelin
The rebel ship carrying much needed medical supplies was detained before it could leave the starport. Our Rebel group finds itself involved in the dirty side of politics. Round 2 of 3.
Players *MUST* have played in Sparks 99a “Paying the Piper: Two if by Sea” to play in this module. In addition, only equipment used in that module will be allowed in this module.

Sparks 99C. Paying the Piper: Bargains Made, Prices Paid by Moses Birmelin
After recent political events the rebel group finds itself in hot water and their only chance of redemption is to catch an Imperial spy before he gets off planet. Round 3 of 3.
Players *MUST* have played in Sparks 99a “Paying the Piper: Two if by Sea” and Sparks 99b “Action & Reaction” to play in this module. In Sparks 99b “Action & Reaction” players must have on their update sheets that they are allowed to play in Sparks 99c “Bargains Made, Prices Paid”. In addition, only equipment used in that module will be allowed in this module.

Sparks 100. Interactive 2006 by Storyline Committee
Everyone enjoys a little downtime, especially our overworked heroes. Come and interact with the other heroes of the Rebellion. Get in a little training or just brush up on your social skills. 8-hour event.

Sparks 101. Us, Diplomatic Couriers by Nancy Mildebrandt
You are being sent into the heart of the Empire as….NO, this disguise will never work. But just maybe you and your fellow Rebels can pull off this ruse and see where the information leads you.

Sparks 102A. An Offer You Cannot Refuse by Brandon J. Lands
A chance is offered to the Crucible Sector Rebel Alliance to gain a relationship with an individual who could open many doors of opportunity for them – but you are going to have to earn the privilege. Will you and your crew have what it takes?

Sparks 102B. We Should’ve Said No by Brandon J. Lands
Yeah, but you didn't.  So now what are you going to do about it?  It's time to wow this mysterious benefactor your employer is so impressed with.  So what you gonna' do about? (You must have completed Sparks 102a to play Sparks 102b with the same character.)

Sparks 103. Pirate’s Day for Pirate’s Pay by David Stairs
The party is sent to negotiate with a pirate band who took supplies the Imperials were shipping. The Rebellion needs these supplies, but the pirate leader has a counter offer. Dare you find out what this offer is? Are you willing to take the pirates up on this in the name of the Rebellion? Do you wish to know more?
*GM Note: The maximum earned credits per character is increased to 45,000.

Sparks 104. Beyond the Silver Portal - Return to Dodson’s Planet by Charles Brown
A strange plea for help leads a band of rebels back to the strange world known as Dodson's planet. Can they stop the new evil that they find there, or will it spell doom for the entire galaxy?

Sparks 105A. Darker Days, Darker Knights by David Stairs
Times are dark, and tumulus. A number of Rebel bases have fallen in recent weeks. Can the rebellion find out why? Can they stop the next one falling? Dare they find out the results if they fail! Round 1 of 2.

Sparks 105B. Darker Days, Darker Knights by David Stairs
The players are arriving back on the Discovery, with their information, gleaned from last mission. After a brief respite, they are sent back out to try and foil what might be the next base's demise. Round 2 of 2.

Sparks 106. Milk Run by Dennis Rivers
Rebel Alliance Command has sent the party on a “Milk Run”, an easy delivery job where they shouldn’t get into trouble. Oh well nothing goes the way it’s planned.

Sparks 107. This Droid’s Army by Erick Cobb
Recently due to the logistics of maintaining a fleet, the Rebels have been acquiring more droids.  However for some reason these droids have begun to malfunction more and more frequently.  It's up to our Rebel group to reach the bottom of this mystery.

Sparks 108. Crucible Sector: An Old Hope by Stephen Tucker, Matthew Lenzen and Aaron Maternowski
You may have wondered who those brave Rebels were that stole the plans to the first Death Star. Come and join other Rebels from the Crucible Sector and learn firsthand if you have what it takes to carry the Hope of the entire Rebel Alliance in these dark times. 3 Rounds.

Sparks 109. Interactive 2007 – When Opportunity Knocks by Storyline Committee
The Death Star is on the move. The Imperial fleet in the Crucible Sector has been redeploying ships and has left some key systems undermanned. The Rebels are planning a strike to capitalize on their mistake. Come and interact with the other heroes of the Rebellion. Get in a little training or just brush up on your social skills. 8-hour event.

Sparks 110A. Exodus Part One – The Flight of the Warp Hunters by Joseph Miller
In desperate need of supplies, the Alliance launches a bold plan with the aid of the Warp Hunters. Round one of two.
Sparks 110B. Exodus Part Two – The Wrath of Arklon by Joseph Miller
The players work at a frantic pace to stay one step ahead of the wrath of the Empire as it cracks down on the Rebels in the Crucible Sector. Round two of two.

Sparks 111. Seek and Go Hide by Nancy Mildebrandt
Rumors have reached the Crucible Sector of an Imperial search for some item and an acquaintance has a lead on a location where the Empire may be looking. Can you identify the item and find it before the Empire?

Sparks 112. ReDiscovery by Stephen Tucker
The Crucible Sector flag ship, The Discovery, survived the ambush at Shiva.  It was heavily damaged and on fire, but it made the jump to hyperspace.  Some of the crew was recovered telling of how The Discovery may be trapped in hyperspace, but a plan is underway to find and salvage the ship.  Can our heroes recover The Discovery?

Sparks 113. Out of the Cradle by John Rompainen
Our Heroes are sent to Socorro to make contact with a Rebel sympathizer and to set up relations with the local crime lords. Unfortunately they came at a time of unrest between the crime lords on the planet.

Sparks 114. Let’s Go Shopping by Nancy Mildebrandt
A cryptic message containing the location of a missing Alliance team has been received by Crucible Sector command. Your team is tasked with locating the missing rebels and extracting the items in their possession before the Imperials do.

Sparks 115. Stop, Drop, and Roll” by Brandon J. Lands
The Crucible cell Rebels learn the age old wisdom of this key phrase in this next chapter of their lives!

Sparks 116. Factory by Dennis Rivers
The party finds the location of an old Sepratist droid manufacturing base. Dare they explore it?

Sparks 117. Between a Hutt and a Hard Place by Charles Brown and Stephen Tucker
An antique battleship. A Hutt on the run. A relentless new enemy. Just business as usual for the Rebels of the Crucible Sector.

Sparks 118. Strike Force – Lost Sheep by Tony Prokes
The Rebel alliance desperately needs supplies and have planned to hijack a Corporate Sector delivery to the Empire. Unfortunately nothing ever seems to go as planned. Beware the black sheep with the respiratory problem.

Sparks 119. Iredium’s Dream by Nancy Mildebrandt
Former Galactic Senator Besquor has a vision for his war torn planet. Escort duty will be easy, right?

Sparks 120. Do I Know You? by Stephen Holder
Shopping, a stranger in need, and hidden enemies. Come enjoy the fun as you get to sort this out.

Sparks 121. Identity Crises by Tony Prokes and Brandon J. Lands
Do you really know who you are? Really!?! Are you sure? Because we don't think so!

Sparks 122A. Asset Proliferation by Matthew Lenzen
The Crucible Sector Rebellion has lost a friend to the Empire, a long-time operative. Though his unfortunate fate is known, what the Empire learned from him before his death is unknown. Your team must infiltrate an Imperial Intelligence depot and ascertain just what was divulged. Round 1 of 2.

Sparks 122B. Asset Liquidation by Matthew Lenzen
The Crucible Sector Rebellion has learned of the secrets torn from the mind of a former operative, placing one of its greatest assets in dire jeopardy. If drastic measures are not taken immediately, it shall fall into the hands of the Galactic Empire. Round 2 of 2.

Sparks 123. Interactive 2008 by Storyline Committee
Everyone enjoys a little downtime, especially our overworked heroes. Come and interact with the other heroes of the Rebellion. Get in a little training or just brush up on your social skills. 8-hour event.

Sparks 124A. Operation: Dumb Orphan or Fresh Fish by Brandon J. Lands
An ‘Asset’ has been lost and an ‘Asset’ has been found that could potentially swing the balance into favor for the Crucible Cell Rebel Alliance against the ravages of the Empire. The easy part should be making contact – it’s from there on where troubles may come… Round 1 of 2.

Sparks 124B. Operation: Really Dumb Orphan or Lost in the Works by Joe Adkins
With their ‘Asset’ missing and no way out, what will the stranded operatives do to turn lemons into lemonade… Round 2 of 2. (You must have completed Sparks 124a to play Sparks 124b with the same character.)

Sparks 125. Under the Table by Julie Capell
The Rebel Alliance wades into the labyrinth of Cloud City's underworld hoping to obtain rare, valuable and very illegal tibanna gas to power its weapons systems. Indications are that in order to get the goods, gambling, forgery, slicing and all manner of negotiations (maybe even "aggressive" negotiations) will need to be made under the table.

Sparks 126. Lost Temple by Charles Brown and Stephen Tucker
An archealogical expedition has unearthed an ancient evil. Meanwhile a rare opportunity has arisen for the Crucible Rebels.

Sparks 127. All That Glitters is Not Gold by David Demarest
After narrowly escaping an Imperial blockade around the planet Dakot VII, the PCs find themselves traveling to a distant part of the galaxy, a side not ventured to in almost 20,000 years. Does your team have what it takes to uncover the mysteries of an ancient people and their precious treasure? Part of the Xim the Despot series.

Sparks 128. Strangers Among Us by Joe Adkins
Just a normal cargo run…a normal cargo run with a blockade run into a heavily guarded Imperial world. Simple, right?

Sparks 129. Vacation at Meleenium Resort by Jeremy Guillmette
A new high luxury resort just opened on Af’El, funded in part by Vulca Minerals Corp. Out of the way and rarely visited before by the public, some say the skys are bluer than anywhere else in the galaxy. A select group of operatives are being sent to make some contacts in this virgin territory for the rebellion. Remember to bring your sunglasses!

Sparks 130. The Choices We Make by Nancy Mildebrandt and Erin Moore
Why did you join the Rebellion? What guides your actions? Have you considered the various consequences of your actions? Time for reflection on the choices we make.

Sparks 131A. Smugglers Run: Jatyus Outbound by David Demarest
Needing some credits, you have been forced to take on some easy shipping jobs. Nothing is as easy as it sounds in this Galaxy! You will meet some new friends, and of course new enemies. Exploring a seedier side of the Galaxy never sounded so good. In your travels a decision will be made, and your future sealed. Round 1 of 2.
*GM Note: The maximum earned credits per character is increased to 30,000.

Sparks 131B. Mutual Employer by David Demarest
Must have played round 1. Having worked yourselves into a good position in Jatayus Outbound shipping, its time to meet your new employer. Well, its never that easy, as you find yourselves doing a series of "errands" for your new boss. At the end you will find yourselves wondering who you really work for, and if you really want this job after all. Too bad you signed that contract. Round 2 of 2. (You must have completed Sparks 131a to play Sparks 131b with the same character.)

Sparks 132. The Great Space Race by David Demarest
It’s that time of the year again Gentlebeings and Humans of the Galaxy, time to strap on your flightsuits, tighten down the crash helmet, and tune that “hot” starship of yours. This time out, the course has been completely redesigned to avoid some of the accidents and loss of life from last year. This year’s corporate sponsor is the SoroSuub family of businesses. Does your team have a chance?

Sparks 133. Little Green Men by Dennis Rivers
Coming back from a largely boring mission the party suddenly comes upon a firefight that will send them on a very different type of mission.

Sparks 134A. The Mon Calamari Initiative: Something Fishy by Brandon Lands
With the necessity to find additional resources and vessels capable of combating the Empire, the Crucible Sector Rebel Alliance turns to a rescued slave of the now late Grand Moff Tarkin, Ackbar. With his aid the Rebels will have the chance to talk to the Mon Calamari and Quarren mixed council about joining the Rebellion, but only if the Empire is also there to present their own side. I am SURE that is going to work out well. Round 1 of 3.

Sparks 134B. The Mon Calamari Initiative: The One That Got Away by Tony Prokes
Sure enough, something fishy is happening on Mon Calamari. There's a couple of fish on the hook, can you be the one that got away before a bigger fish comes along? Round 2 of 3.

Sparks 134C. The Mon Calamari Initiative: There’s Always a Bigger Fish to Fry by Stephen Tucker
Framed for murder and hiding out in the Undercity the Rebels may have found the one ally that can help them. Together they need to expose the Imperial plot before Mon Calamari unwittingly joins the Empire. Round 3 of 3.

Sparks 135. Interactive 2009 by Storyline Committee
Everyone enjoys a little downtime, especially our overworked heroes. Come and interact with the other heroes of the Rebellion. Get in a little training or just brush up on your social skills. 8-hour event.

Sparks 136A. The Web by John McCash
A small part of a search and rescue mission to an empty area of space turns into a fight for survival. Can our heroes escape the ancient evil that has kept this dead world a secret for over five thousand years? Round 1 of 3.

Sparks 136B. Into the Parlor by Adam French
The search continues as our heroes journey to the place history tried to forget. What can one being do against so much power begging to be used. Round 2 of 3.

Sparks 136C. Ettercapped by Adam French and John McCash
Can you escape from this planet to rejoin the galaxy? Can you stop the evil plan in motion? Round 3 of 3. (You must have completed Sparks 136a to play Sparks 136c with the same character.)

Sparks 137. Bounty Hunters: Showdown at Starforge Station by David Demarest
It is a desperate time in the Galaxy, and sometimes people you thought you could trust turn out to be less than ideal members of the Galaxy. Ralltiir Securities have offered to give you a one-week head start on the competition for an important bounty collection before they post the bounty to the general galaxy.

Sparks 138A. Twice as Nice: Expansion Week by Stephen Tucker
An invite to Expansion Week from an old friend means a much needed vacation. Everyone has skeletons in their closet. Unfortunately someone opened a long forgotten door that will be trouble for the Tapani Sector and the Galaxy. Round 1 of 2.

Sparks 138B. Twice as Nice: Twice as Naughty by Tony Prokes
The Tapani Sector, a wretched hive of politics, intrigue and secrets. The first two are bad enough, but when the secrets get out… people start dying to cover them back up. Round 2 of 2. (You must have completed Sparks 138A to play Sparks 138B with the same character.)

Sparks 139. Any Old Port in the Storm by Joel Moon
While on board the transport ship 'Virtually Intact' we find our heores carrying needed supplies to the Crucible Sector Rebel Fleet. However your group is forced to make an emergency landing on Arbra, a planet in a previously uncharted system. What else could possibly go wrong?

Sparks 140. Tail of Two Hutts: A Tale of Tail Envy by Joe Adkins and Kat Guervara
There are the best of Hutts there are the worst of Hutts…and there are some Hutts that fit oh so perfectly in between. The question is, with what kind of Hutt are you dealing?

Sparks 141A. Revival by Erin Moore
Rebels on a mission to obtain Imperial codes have discovered information pointing them to a research project which will uncover ancient technology once feared throughout the galaxy.

Sparks 141B. Project 112 by Erin Moore
Rebel heroes chase down clues about the mysterious project 112. Will they find more than they bargained for?

Sparks 142. Big Game Hunter by Adam French
Having been sent on a very important mission, our heroes gear up and set out for what is to be a largely unknown region of space to scout for potential base locations.

Sparks 143. What Could Possibly Go Wrong by Jeremy Guillmette
While acquiring a new warship for the cause, our Rebel team must vacate with their prize being pursued by the Imperials. What could go wrong with having rushed the temp repairs on a derelict ship and immediately fleeing into hyperspace with the Imperials hot on your trail?

Sparks 144. Imperial Holovision Presents: Imperial Gladiators by David Demarest
Captured and put on some Imperial Holovision show was not exactly what you signed up for when you joined the Rebellion. You will have to fight to survive the "mad" producers and their killer team of Imperial Gladiators. Do you have what it takes to put an end to this?

Sparks 145. Life in the Big City by Dennis Rivers
The party is sent ot Coruscant to locate a missing intelligence operative. Once there they must look for leads to the missing agent without drawing attention from the cools (the local police), the ISB, or the inquisitors.

Sparks 146. The Tyrant of Destiny by David Demarest
You find yourself in a race against an Imperial archaeoloty team to scout out a newly rediscovered Jedi temple to recover a lost Force artifact. Will you be able to deal with the natives? Will you find the fabled Loom of Destiny? Will you want to find it?

Sparks 147. Ride, Boldly Ride by Glen Boettcher and Bill Taylor
A comm comes in from an acquaintance and Rebellion supporter who has a job that should be right up your alley. Will you lend assistence?

Sparks 148A. Nellios Saga: Now for Wrath… by Joe Adkins and Kat Guervara
Honor, some people wrap themselves in it as if it is a mantle meant to protect them. But what do you do when that mantle becomes a noose? Round 1 of 3.

Sparks 148B. Nellios Saga: Now for Ruin… by Joe Adkins and Kat Guervara
A soldier's life is an easy life. Follow this order; follow that order. However, some orders are just too atrocious to abide. Round 2 of 3.

Sparks 148C. Nellios Saga: …And the Rebel Dawn by Joe Adkins and Kat Guervara
Life flows through all things. But what is the cost of life? And what price is one's people willing to pay? Round 3 of 3.

Sparks 149. Interactive 2010 by Storyline Committee
Everyone enjoys a little downtime, especially our overworked heroes. Come and interact with the other heroes of the Rebellion. Get in a little training or just brush up on your social skills. 8-hour event.

Sparks 150. The Corked Bottle by Erin Moore
With the death of the last Jedi voices from the grave cry out to be heard.

Sparks 151. Why is the Lum Always Gone by Mike VandeBunt and Nancy Mildebrandt
Pirates, The Empire, Alderaan’s Graveyard and Lum. Accept this mission to find out “Why is the Lum gone?”.

Sparks 152A. The Perfect Mission: So What’s the Mission? by Jeremy Guillemette.
A special team is assembled for a very special mission on Ruon, a system in the core close to Coruscant. They will need to plan and prepare carefully for this one. Round 1 of 2.

Sparks 152B. The Perfect Mission: What Happened Again? by Jeremy Guillemette.
The team has returned from the very special mission in the core and now must go to the debriefing… So what happened? Round 2 of 2.

Sparks 153. I Need a New Drug by John Romppainen.
An inhospitable planet, a research team and a rediscovered drug are the basis for another mission for your Spec-ops team.

Sparks 154. Escape from Elbaz Station by Zeshan Rajput and Jeffrey Gilmour.
With the loss of Yavin, the Rebel Alliance is desperately investigating new locations to stage operations from. A mysterious sector seems to be devoid of all spacecraft traffic… is it a trap, or the perfect haven for the Alliance?

Sparks 155. Unintended Consequences by Darrell Hird.
The Rebellion has dispatched the players to the Lung Sector to find the makers of a new body armor, but the actions of past allies have altered the region forever. For every action, a reaction. For every hero…

Sparks 156. Mystery at Elbaz Station by Zeshan Rajput and Jeffrey Gilmour.
A fledgling freeport asks for delegates from both the Alliance and the Empire to meet peaceably and discuss where the new space station can fit in the galaxy. What could possibly go wrong?

Sparks 157. El Blotto Nights by Kat Guervara.
El Blotto: (1.) n. A cylindrical roll of tobacco and spices cured for smoking, usually rolled in a thick circumference and wrapped in tobacco leaves. (2.) A seemingly demure recreational drug that will leave you messed up for days and cause you to wake up in strange and lurid circumstances…

Sparks 158. The Memories of Elbaz Station by Zeshan Rajput and Jeffrey Gilmour.
A telepathic tree begs you to return to Elbaz Station to take part in events that will determine the fate of the galaxy… And no, you're not high on death sticks. An unexpected turn of events puts you in a pivotal role in the Memories of Elbaz Station.

Sparks 159. The Battle of Elbaz Station by Zeshan Rajput and Jeffrey Gilmour.
What starts as a routine escort mission quickly reveals major efforts underway… and the Empire has become aware of them! As the only Rebel forces present, it's up to you to lead the resistance in the Battle of Elbaz Station.

Sparks 160. A Wing and a Prayer by Jim Medley.
Still recovering from the Battle of Yavin, the Alliance is still looking for weapons of war to help bolster its depleted armaments. In this endeavour your group has been tasked with the recovery of such equipment from a planet bordering Hutt Space. It should be a simple in and out exercise, but nothing ever goes according to plan when the Empire and the Hutts are involved.

Sparks 161. The Birth at Elbaz Station by Zeshan Rajput.
An explosive disturbance in the Force brings the entire galaxy once more to Elbaz Station's doorstep, and you're being asked to find out what's going on. Bounty Hunters, Imperial Spies, Insane Scientists, Slavers, and more come together in the exciting finale of the Elbaz Station series!

Sparks 162. The Ruusan Incident by Dennis Rivers.
The party is asked by Alliance intelligence to infiltrate a previously unknown smuggling group for possible recruitment.

Sparks 163. Snooping on the Empire by Nancy Mildebrandt.
Imperial bases along the Meslegolasaran Asteroid Belt are now operational. Time for our rebels to do a little snooping. Three Rounds. (You must have completed Sparks 163a to play Sparks 163b, and completed Sparks 163b to play Sparks 163c with the same character.)

Sparks 164. Interactive 2011 by Storyline Committee
Everyone enjoys a little downtime, especially our overworked heroes. Come and interact with the other heroes of the Rebellion. Get in a little training or just brush up on your social skills. 8-hour event.

Sparks 165. Lurrians and Togruta and Berrites: Oh My! by Zeshan Rajput and Lisa Dulin
With only an urgent plea for help from a junior officer of the Alliance, the Crucible Sector has sent its finest team of operatives into a trap engulfing three species. Their fate is now in your hands. Will you be able to gain their support before the Empire destroys you all?

Sparks 166. The Doctor is… by Robert Smith
What could be easier than a normal supply delivery to an out of the way system for a professor who is working on a top secret project for the Rebellion?  Find out when our heroes learn (once again) not everything is as easy as it sounds when the Doctor is…

Sparks 167A. What Happens on Rodia by Zeshan Rajput and Robert Johnson
This year's Atiang contests are around the corner and a minor Rodian clan has asked for the Alliance's help. This is the sort of job only trained rebels, diplomats and a galacticly renowned pop singer can accomplish… Round 1 of 3.

Sparks 167B. Rodian and Juliet by Zeshan Rajput and Robert Johnson
The Atiang festival continues on Rodia. The players must once more come to the rescue of the Tetsu clan and guide a Tetsu theater troupe through the cutthroat world of Rodian show business. Break a leg! Round 2 of 3.

Sparks 167C. Two Rodians Diverged by Zeshan Rajput and Robert Johnson
As politics on Rodia are verging on civil war the great negotiator Re'Stanig has agreed to mediate. By fate or folly the players are sucked into the world of Rodian intrigue. Round 3 of 3.

Sparks 168. Cat and Mouse by Darrell Hird
The Crucible Sector Fleet is on the run from a task force of doggedly pursuing Imperials. The players must stop their pursuers or the fleet will be no more.

Sparks 169. To Infinity and Beyond by David Stairs
The Rebels are recruited to head to the pre-space world of In'fini, in the Tyai system, to recruit Rebel troops. When they get there, can they get past the locals distrust of outsiders to state their case? Care to find out?

Sparks 170. Eyes in the Dark by Adam French
After evaluating the information pulled from the VSD Malice, Rebel intelligence has sent you to a secret Imperial research station to collect all information and items of note, and then destroy the station.

Sparks 171. The Dead of Space by Jim Medley
It was a quick in and out operation. Everything was going smooth, til that TIE got in a lucky shot.   The Force was with you, and you leaped into Hyperspace and safety. So you thought. Now the Hyperdrive won't shut off.  You has no idea where you will end up, but knowing you and your friends the way you do, its sure to be one heck of a ride.

Sparks 172. The Curse of the Alderaanian Exiles by Mike VandeBunt and Nancy Mildebrandt
Alderaanian exiles have been going missing. Who is taking them and why? Former Galactic Senator Organa once again asks for members of the Crucible sector Rebel Alliance to investigate for her.

Sparks 173. Zygerrian Slavers: The Freedom Run by Tim Smith
Every several years the Queen on the Planet Zygerria hosts a Pod Race, The Freedom Run. To the winning Race team of slaves their freedom and for the slave-holder fortune and fame. The week of the Race there is a truce, Queen’s Compassion, offers the Rebellion a chance to visit Zygerria as free gentle beings, and communicate with their comrades and gather intelligence.

Sparks 174. Rule #2 by Zeshan Rajput
Rebel Command gets word that the Empire may be staging a base from which to assault Barab, and Crucible Sector Operatives are ordered to escape. What they find, however, is a horror beyond all horrors that have ever been imagined. That the operatives will survive is not the question. The question is… who will get the kill of the week?

Sparks 175. Bankers of the Empire: Stocks and Bonds by Tim Smith
Have you ever thought of who pays your Rebel salary, or who pays for all your weapons? Have you ever thought of how the Emperor pays for all his cogs and gears? Well you better start!

Sparks 176. Shantipole Fallout by Stephen Tucker
Project Shantipole is complete and a success. Under Commander Ackbar the Rebellion has a new powerful starfighter, the B-Wing. But the Empire rarely leaves after losing. What will become of the Verpine when Imperial reinforcements begin cracking down on the Roche asteroid field?

Sparks 177. Bounty Hunters: For a Father’s Love by David Demarest
Mina Blissex is a brilliant weapon and droid engineer working for Santhe/Sienar Industries as a weapons and droid designer. For years she's been kept safely tucked away on the starship The Bhaga, a guardian corvette that has been converted to use as a mobile design lab. Something has gone wrong and the race to locate and return Mina Blissex is on!

Sparks 178A. Shatterpoint by Zeshan Rajput and Joe Adkins
The downside of being an illegal rebellion hits home, as the PCs must negotiate with villainous crimelords to obtain much needed supplies for the Rebel operations. But will you do what is right, or what is necessary? Round 1 of 2.

Sparks 178B. Shatterpoint by Zeshan Rajput and Joe Adkins
Having done what was necessary; fate now gives you a chance to do what's right. Is there enough time to undo the damage, or will you be left cleaning up the mess? Round 2 of 2.
Players *MUST* have played in Sparks 178A “Shatterpoint Part I” to play in this module.

Sparks 179. The Dig by Dennis Rivers
The Party is sent to investigate an ancient archeological site by the Bothans. It seems like an easy sneak and peak. What kind of trouble can they get into on this mission?

Sparks 180A. Information From an Outsource: Houses of the Hutt by Brandon Brenwald
A paid Rebel informant not necessarily working for the Rebels is captured by a bounty hunter and the only lead comes from a Hutt with a grudge against the bounty hunter's employer. Do you dare do a favor in exchange for the location of who you need?

Sparks 180B. Information From an Outsource: Starway to Oblivion by Brandon Brenwald
Now that you know where the Imperials are taking your quarry it's just a simple matter of intercepting the drop off. Things stop being simple when strange malfunctions start to happen.

Sparks 180C. Information From an Outsource: Battle of Overlord by Brandon Brenwald
After finally reaching the prison ship Overlord all that is left is to extract the informant. How difficult could it be dealing with a capitol ship full of stormtroopers who don't want you to succeed?

Sparks 181. Interactive 2012 by Storyline Committee
Everyone enjoys a little downtime, especially our overworked heroes. Come and interact with the other heroes of the Rebellion. Get in a little training or just brush up on your social skills. 8-hour event.

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